10 Great Reasons to Be a Computer Science/IT Major

We could say there’s never been a better time to get your degree in computer science and information technology, but in reality, that’s been true for decades. One of the biggest draws to this high-tech field is its continual growth and reliable return on investment for students. There’s so much more to majoring in a computer-related field, though. Check out our top ten reasons to major in computer science or IT:

#1—Computer/IT is a Highly Versatile Field

If being nailed down to a single career path after graduation sends panic through your system, then you might want to consider a highly versatile degree in computer and information technology. A four-year bachelor’s in computer science or IT can set you up to enter so many different industries and occupational paths, it’s dizzying. After successfully completing your degree plan, you’ll likely have your pick of high-tech jobs spanning positions in animation, software development, artificial intelligence, consultancy, and so much more.

These computer science and IT degrees not only prepare graduates to enter the promising field of information technology, though. They also provide a solid foundation for graduate study in IT as well as related fields. The best way to describe your opportunities with this coveted credential is with one word: limitless.

Because the field is so versatile, many colleges and universities offer opportunities to specialize your computer and information science degree with specializations, focus areas, or undergraduate certification options. Our advice? If you’re already keen on a specific career path in IT, take advantage of these specialization opportunities. They’ll likely make you more attractive to potential employers after graduation and can better prepare you for your precise role in the field. On the other hand, if you’re still deciding, it may be better to keep your options open by electing a more general track.

#2—You Can Study Information Technology Online

It should come as no surprise that computer and information technology is one of the most prolific fields in terms of its higher education offerings. IT departments at colleges and universities across the nation have been hard at work for decades developing degree plans at every level of postsecondary education that can be accessed via distance education technology. These options range from associates in computer science degrees all the way up the ladder to doctoral IT programs.

Thus, no matter what sub-field of computer science or information technology you’re interested in studying, there’s a good chance you’ll find an online degree program that fits your interests and career goals. Some of these distance education options are 100% online offerings, meaning you’ll never have to step foot on campus to earn your credentials. Plus, online programs tend to be cheaper than on-campus offerings on average, and you won’t have to worry about the costs of residential housing or transportation.

For students who value the traditional classroom experience, hybrid IT degree programs are also available. These programs blend on-campus instruction with online coursework for a best-of-both-worlds experience.

#3—You Can Totally Geek Out

Do you get an adrenaline rush from trying out new technologies or simply reading about innovation? If so, then a computer and IT degree plan is your opportunity to release your inner geek. Once enrolled in one of these techy academic offerings, you’ll not only be embraced for your love of all things tech, but you’ll also be surrounded by like-minded people (aka fellow geeks). As a computer and information sciences major, you’ll spend your days studying fascinating topics like computer programming, database administration, web design technology, systems analysis, enterprise architecture, and more.

Of course, your crowning achievement will be the job you secure after graduation from one of these computer science degree programs where you will get paid to apply what you’ve learned from this captivating curriculum. With a bit of luck, you’ll be set to practice your passion for a lifetime!

#4—Finding An IT Job After Graduation Should Be a Breeze

In our increasingly high-tech world, companies in every industry throughout the world have a pressing and continual need for professionals trained in computer and information technology. That’s why employment prospects in this field are so promising. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities in the IT sector are currently growing at a rate that is much faster than the rate for the average occupation. Over half a million new jobs are expected to be available for professionals trained in computer and information science through 2028.

Although a few entry-level positions in information technology require just a vocational certificate or associate’s degree, most require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. For this reason, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related IT field is one of the more popular credentials for undergraduate students in the United States.

#5—You’ll Be Financially Secure

Let’s be honest—one of the major incentives for pursuing a degree of any kind is to increase your earning potential. With a computer science/IT degree, you can pretty much count on a decent wage in exchange for your work in the field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median annual wage for computer and information technology jobs in 2019 was more than double that of the average occupation.

Of course, some jobs in the IT sector pay more than others, and pay tends to increase alongside education and experience in the field. Some of the highest-paid computer and IT jobs include artificial intelligence specialists, computer and information systems managers, computer and information research scientists, and software architects, for example.

#6—You Can Tap Into Your Creative Side

Technical occupations aren’t usually associated with creative applications, but this is a mischaracterization, at least for the computer/IT industry. If you have an artistic flair, know that there are other educational pathways for you outside of traditional art and design degrees. The IT field in particular includes numerous career paths that will allow you to express yourself creatively. Some of the most creative jobs in the computer science field include:

  • graphic designer
  • digital copywriter
  • game designer
  • user experience designer
  • mobile applications developer

As an added benefit, design jobs in the information technology sector tend to pay more than those in other industries. That’s right—you won’t find starving artists in the IT industry!

#7—Advancement Opportunities Abound

Things in the IT field tend to move fast, and this includes upward mobility for employees. With a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, you’re not likely to stay in the same position for long, unless you just want to. Instead, you can expect to have numerous opportunities to advance to leadership positions in IT, with or without an advanced degree. With these higher positions come more lucrative salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for computer and information systems managers was over $146,000 in 2019. Top earners in this occupation made more than $200,000 that same year.

#8—You Can Make a Difference

A degree in computer and information science has the power to not only change your life, but the lives of millions of people across the globe. The innovations you make in the field could be used in a variety of impactful industries such as healthcare, education, social services, and more. Think back just ten years ago and ponder how very different our lives were without the new technologies we enjoy today. With a degree in IT, you could play a part in making real improvements for the future. How exciting!

#9—The Work Environment Is Chill

Like the idea of wearing jeans to work (and not just on Fridays!)? What about outdoor work environments or collaborative workspaces instead of stuffy cubicles? If so, then a job in information technology just might suit your work habits and preferences. More so than any other industry, the field of computer and IT is known for relaxed work environments and highly supportive company cultures. Of course, every workspace is different, but with a degree in computer science or a related field, you’ll be more likely to work comfortably than your peers in other sectors.

#10—You Could Be Your Own Boss

Want to write your own paycheck and make your own schedule? Don’t count out a career in IT. This field boasts many different opportunities for self-employment, including entrepreneurship, small business ownership, and even freelancing. A degree in computer and information science can pave the way towards a satisfying career as a freelance graphic designer, independent IT consultant, or web-based business owner, for example.

There are perhaps as many reasons to major in computer science/IT as there are different jobs in the field. If you’re seriously considering this particular academic pursuit, then you likely have your own reasons for electing this degree path. With the many benefits and opportunities associated with such a credential, it’s hard to go wrong. So what are you waiting for? Start checking out IT schools and degree options to jumpstart your future!

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