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Missouri University of Science & Technology Degrees & Programs

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Missouri University of Science & Technology offers nearly 100 degree and certificate programs in 40 areas of study. The university boasts a nationally recognized program in secondary teacher education and is also known for its interdisciplinary approach to enrollment. Some of the most popular topics of study at the university include various degrees within engineering, the physical sciences, and biology.

The university’s freshman retention rate is 84 percent, and its student-faculty ratio is 19:1. More than 45 percent of the institution’s classes are offered with fewer than 20 students in attendance. In addition to traditional undergraduate and graduate programs, the university also offers two types of dual enrollment with options for current high school students and currently-enrolled undergraduate students.

High school students can take college courses at Missouri University of Science & Technology after they submit an application and a $50 fee, as well as satisfy additional requirements like submission of a high school transcript and a recommendation from a teacher or counselor. Current undergraduate students can enroll in graduate-level classes during their final year of study as long as they are approved by the department chair.

For traditional undergraduate students at Missouri University of Science & Technology, program options include those in aerospace engineering, biological sciences, chemical engineering, education, English, geology, and mechanical engineering. Certificates may be earned by undergraduates in technical writing, explosives technology, and explosives engineering. The university also has a wide selection of minors on topics like French, music, and political science.

Some graduate student topics of study include systems engineering, nuclear engineering, mathematics, information science & technology, industrial-organizational psychology, geological engineering, and computer science. Students may also earn their graduate degrees or enroll in professional and continuing education classes via the university’s distance and online program option.

The university has a significant number of graduate certificate programs available in areas like business administration, economics, manufacturing engineering, mathematics, and psychology. The university’s online Master of Business Administration (MBA) has earned several accolades for the quality of the program. The university also offers experiential credit courses, online seminars, and youth programs.

About Missouri University of Science & Technology

Missouri University of Science & Technology is located in Rolla, Missouri, and is part of the state’s university system. The primary degrees offered by the Missouri University of Science & Technology include engineering, science, business, and mathematics with engineering being one of the most popular and well-known programs at the university. The university was founded in 1870 and was originally known as the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy.

The school has more than 8,800 students enrolled and almost 500 instructors. The official colors of Missouri University of Science & Technology are silver, gold, and green, and the university’s campus covers 284 acres in Rolla. The school mascot is named Joe Miner, and students play as the Miners as part of the Great Lakes Valley Conference. The university is part of NCAA Division II athletics.

Missouri University of Science & Technology Accreditation Details

Missouri S&T is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, which is an independent corporation that approves and accredits schools throughout the Midwest, including Colorado, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. The HLC provides institutional accreditation and grades the university on several standardized criteria. The accreditation process takes place every ten years. Some programs and departments are further accredited by various agencies.

Accreditations have been earned from the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET and the Computing Accreditation of ABET, which have accredited programs like those in materials science and engineering, mining and nuclear engineering, and computer science. Programs are also accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which has recognized the programs in business administration and information science & technology. Further accreditation has been granted by the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education.

Missouri University of Science & Technology Application Requirements

The application deadline for undergraduate students at Missouri University of Science & Technology is December 1 for students who want to enroll in the fall and July 1 for students who want to enroll in the spring. While in high school, students should make sure to complete the university’s recommended college prep curriculum in English, math, and science.

Applications are graded on standardized test scores, class rank, and high school GPA. The university uses a grading system where each of the facets of a student’s application is given a numeric value. The total value of these items determines whether the student is admissible. Some additional factors that may influence a student’s acceptance include extracurricular activities, a personal statement, work experience, and the rigor of the applicant’s high school curriculum.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Missouri residents who enroll in 28 credit hours over the course of two semesters will pay $8,376 for tuition and $1,680 for fees. Out-of-state students will pay $26,060 for tuition and $1,680 for fees. Other costs include supplemental course fees of approximately $2,354, books and supplies costs of $676, and personal expenses of approximately $2,262. A housing and dining plan is estimated at $10,402 per year for students who live on campus.

For graduate students, the estimated cost of tuition and fees for Missouri residents is $13,170. The estimated cost for non-residents is $27,500. The university estimates that books and supplies will cost $542 and that students will need to budget approximately $5,042 on personal expenses. Transportation is estimated to add another $2,432. For housing and dining, the university expects the cost to reach $13,627 for the year. Some programs charge slightly different tuition rates.

Students will apply for financial aid each year they enroll in classes at Missouri University of Science & Technology. Maintaining eligibility means submitting a yearly application and progressing at an acceptable rate in a degree program. Students can submit an application for student aid in advance of their application to the university.

In addition to participating in the federal student loan program, students may also receive funds directly from the institution with available scholarships for undergraduates, graduates, and international students. One of the scholarships for freshmen students is the Groundbreaker Package Scholarship, which is awarded to students at Missouri University of Science & Technology who have a GPA of at least 3.00, an SAT of 1450, and an ACT of 33.