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Studying at the University Of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas – Austin appears in our ranking of the 50 Great Affordable Colleges for Computer Science and Engineering.

The University of Texas at Austin offers over 100 degrees at 15 different colleges for undergraduate students. The degrees are diverse and include fields from engineering to art to pharmacology to religious studies. Students may take classes in the traditional setting or online. Dual degrees are available with most majors.

Students who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree have 170 different areas from which to choose. The University of Texas at Austin is well-known for having top-notch medical, research and business schools. It is one of the most competitive schools in the nation due to the reportedly excellent nature of the school’s studies.

Online classes are available through the University Extension. These courses are all self-paced and can be taken at any time. All courses are transferrable to the University of Texas at Austin in order to obtain a degree. Online courses are available in business, communication and writing, creative arts, history and government, humanities and social sciences, language and literature, mathematics and natural sciences. Students may take these classes as part of their load or on their own. The University Extension also offers free classes that can be taken by anyone at any time. Students do not have to pay to take these classes but they can pay to receive a verified certificate from the school.

High school students may be able to take courses that can later be applied as college credit. Most of these courses offer one-half credit for every semester of completion. Students can choose from a variety of math, liberal arts, and elective courses.

About the University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin is the flagship school of the University of Texas system. The school was founded in 1883 after decades of discussion and planning. Today, the school has a population of over 50,000 students, over 100 undergraduate, and 170 graduate degrees. It is also considered an original Public Ivy school, meaning the university is said to offer Ivy League education at public school prices.

The university is considered one of the nation’s top schools. U.S. News and World Report ranks the University of Texas at Austin as the 14th best public university in the country. It is ranked as the 48th best university overall. The school is also highly ranked by Bloomberg, which considered the University of Texas at Austin the fifth best school for business majors.

The school is the alma mater of royalty, numerous CEOs, Nobel prize winners, politicians, sports figures, actors and more. Some of the University of Texas at Austin’s most notable alumni include Olympian athlete Mary Lou Retton, Nobel prize-winning author John Maxwell Coetzee, Pulitzer award-winning cartoonist Ben Sargent, singer Janis Joplin, director Robert Rodriguez,

A number of actors hailed from the University of Texas at Austin. These include Academy Award winners Renee Zellweger, Matthew McConaughey, Eli Wallach, Marcia Gay Harden, and F. Murray Abraham; Emmy award winners Jon Hamm, John Hillerman, and Allen Ludden; and other noted celebrities like Owen Wilson, Felicia Day and Jayne Mansfield.

The University of Texas at Austin Accreditation Details

The University of Texas at Austin is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. This accrediting body allows the University of Texas at Austin to grant undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The University of Texas at Austin Application Requirements

Applicants must complete an online application, write an essay, provide transcripts from high school and any other institutions, submit college entrance test scores and pay the $75 application fee. Some majors require further items for admission purposes. Prospective students should consult with individual departments to learn of any additional items. These should be provided for both first and second choice majors. Students may also need to provide proof-of-residence cards, a resume, and letters of recommendation.

The top six percent of graduates from Texas high schools are automatically granted admission. Other students are granted admission based on class rank, the strength of the student’s academic background, SAT or ACT test scores, awards and achievements, essays, recommendations and the competitiveness of the chosen major.

Graduate students must complete an online application and provide all necessary transcripts. Graduate school entrance test scores and letters of recommendation may also be necessary depending on the course of study that is being pursued. The application fee ranges from $65 to $200.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of attending the University of Texas at Austin varies depending on the college or school the student attends, the number of hours enrolled and whether that student is a Texas resident or non-resident. For example, students enrolled in the McCombs School of Business on a full-time basis who are non-residents can expect to pay $21,000 or more per semester. Meanwhile, Texas residents who attend the College of Liberal Arts will pay about $5,100 each semester.

Some students may be exempt from the cost of tuition depending upon certain factors. Students who may be exempt from paying tuition at the University of Texas at Austin include the highest-ranking student in a graduating high school class, blind and deaf students, foster and adopted children and senior citizens, among others. The school also offers tuition waivers that cover a portion of tuition. Among those eligible for tuition waivers are students who are military personnel stationed in Texas and Mexican citizens who demonstrate need.

Like undergraduate education, the graduate program has varying costs depending on the course of study and the student’s residential status. A Texas resident pursuing a graduate degree through the College of Education can expect to pay about $4,600 per semester for nine credit hours. Meanwhile, a non-resident will pay about $9,600 for the same number of hours through the School of Nursing.

Dual degree programs also have varying costs depending on the program that is being pursued. Students who wish to learn more about these fees and the tuition discounting should visit the University of Texas at Austin website or directly contact the university.