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Degree Programs at Concordia College at Moorhead

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Concordia College at Moorhead offers 12 pre-professional programs and more than 50 majors for undergraduate students. Its pre-professional programs prepare students for law school and other areas of higher education. Those in the pre-law program learn the fundamentals of law and the legal system as well as what lawyers do. The college offers several different medical programs at the pre-professional level, including programs designed for future occupational therapists and doctors. It has a pre-seminary program too. This program helps students meet the requirements for seminary and learn more about religion.

Undergrads can pick from various majors such as art, which requires that they produce some artwork in the college’s studios. The art education program trains students on how to use their skills and talents as they teach others, while the art history program focuses on the history of different art movements and can prepare students for working in museums and galleries. Though its liberal arts programs are quite popular, the college also offers majors in business subjects, including accounting and finance. Students can major in foreign languages such as German and French too. Those programs offer study abroad programs that immerse students in the languages spoken in other countries.

The only full graduate program offered by the college awards students a Master of Education in World Language Instruction. It prepares students to teach and work with students who speak more than one language and includes opportunities to study in other countries. The college also offers programs for students who need extra help after finishing a bachelor’s degree. One is a teacher prep program for those who want to teach, but students will also find a second program that helps them bridge the gap between college and medical school. Concordia College at Moorhead also offers a few programs that help students finish their degrees faster.

About Concordia College at Moorhead

Concordia College at Moorhead is a small school of higher learning located in the Minnesota city of Concordia. Established in 1891 by a group of settlers from Norway. They took over the campus of a small school that shut down and opened it as a new academy. This was one of the only coeducational schools in the state at the time and offered a small number of classes that primarily included music courses. The school would later merge with another academy and a small college to become Concordia College at Moorhead. It is now a private college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Sometimes called Concordia College or CCM, the college now offers more than 50 majors for undergrads and more than 20 minors. Students can choose minors that will go along with their majors. It also offers a small number of programs for graduate students and those who finished their bachelor’s degrees. The college’s music programs are quite popular because they offer so many chances to gain professional and stage experience. Students play dozens of different instruments and take part in plays and other performances each year. Concordia College has an enrollment of more than 2,500 undergrads and a small number of post-undergrad students.

Concordia College at Moorhead Accreditation Details

Bother the nursing and music programs offered by Concordia College have full accreditation. The internship that is part of its dietetics program has accreditation from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Concordia also has regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Students can both take classes at the college and transfer their credits to another school or bring credits from another college. Regional accreditation also gives Concordia students the right to use federal and state financial aid.

Concordia College at Moorhead Application Requirements

Students can visit the Concordia College campus in Moorhead before they apply, but they can also apply to the college without visiting ahead of time. The college recommends that students visit during their sophomore or junior years to get a feel for the campus. Undergrads must use an online application, but they can use either the Common Application or the one designed by the college. Each one includes sections that students fill out to tell the college more about their backgrounds. The college asks about their extracurricular hobbies and interests too. Concordia recommends that students complete the application as soon as possible after it goes live at the beginning of July because this will help them get scholarships. They’ll also supply their transcripts and an SAT/ACT score. The college has a transfer request form that students can fill out if they need to transfer credits, including those earned through AP and IB programs.

Graduate students and those applying to a post-undergrad program will also use the Concordia online application. They need to provide transcripts to show the college the degrees they earned and their overall grades. Students may want to submit a test score or more information too, including a resume and a writing sample. Some programs will only accept students who have a bachelor’s degree in hand.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Concordia College has a four-year guarantee, which states that it will do whatever it takes to help students graduate with a bachelor’s degree in only four years. This helps students save money and get into the working world faster. Students pay $41,150 each year in tuition and fees of more than $200 a semester. Those who choose to live on the Moorhead campus will also pay $8,500 or more for room and board. Those in a post-undergrad program and all graduate students will pay different rates based on the number of classes they take.

All students starting at the college and those returning to their studies must submit the FAFSA to apply for financial aid. They can get loans and grants and find out if they qualify for the college’s work-study program. Graduate and post-undergrad students can also apply for loans through the FAFSA. Concordia also has scholarships that it awards to students. Special interest scholarships go to students who have strong talents, including those who play instruments and those who dance or act. A congregational matching scholarship will match the donations or grants that students get from their churches, while another scholarship awards funds to minority students. With scholarships and other financial aid, students can easily afford the costs of a Concordia College at Moorhead degree program.