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Queens College


Long before Queens College opened, the land where it now sits was home to a small academy that taught young students. This school later became a campus for delinquent students. When that school closed, the city selected the campus for a new college. Around 400 students signed up for classes in 1937 when it first opened. Enrollment quickly topped 10,000 in the following decades, which led to the college adding newer and more modern buildings. Queens College is now part of the City University of New York School System, which gives students from New York the chance to start classes as long as they graduate from a high school in the state.

Though the university dates back to before the 20th century, many of the buildings now used by students are from the 1960s or later. As a public school, the college manages to keep costs down with grants and financial programs from the government, and it passes those savings on to its students. Both the Princeton Review and Washington Monthly ranked the college within the top 10 on its lists of the most affordable public schools. U.S. News and World Report listed Queens College on its lists of the best northern colleges, best northern public colleges and best graduate programs.

Queens College Accreditation Details

Students don’t often stop and ensure that a college has accreditation before applying and enrolling because they don’t know that they should. Accreditation is a process that ensures students not only gain a strong understanding of their courses but that they also have the best opportunities for the future. Accrediting bodies and organizations look at multiple factors prior to giving a college accreditation, including the backgrounds and histories of its workers, the number of students who graduate and the average grade point averages that students earn. Only the best colleges in the country receive accreditation.

Queens College received accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools early in the formation of that organization. The MSACSS also granted renewal to its accreditation every time the school applies for its renewal. Queens College sought accreditation for some of its other programs as well. Its education program, which prepares students for teaching and working with students at all levels, received accreditation from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the New York Department of Education. This accreditation from the state allows students enrolled in education programs to take part in student teaching experience and gain hands on experience in classrooms across the state.

Queens College Application Requirements

As part of the CUNY School System, Queens College has an open admissions policy when it comes to local students. Any student, regardless of the grades that student received, or whether he or she took one of the standardized tests, gains automatic admission to the school upon graduating high school. Students applying from other states will need to submit an official transcript that shows the student took four years of English classes, three years of foreign language and mathematics classes and two years of laboratory science classes. These are the minimum requirements for admission to any publicly funded school in the state.

Students entering Queens College from another state will also need to submit scores received on the ACT or SAT. International students need to take and submit scores from an examination designed to test their English reading, speaking and listening skills. The application process takes place online, which means that students must  create an account with the Queens College website and submit their applications online. Those accepted to the college will receive an email notifying them of their acceptance. Queens College will also send a letter through the mail to accepted students and later notify them of their financial aid packages.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Queens College charges a flat rate of $260 per credit hour for students living in New York and $535 per credit hour for those coming to the college from out of state. The cost of taking a full course load of 15 credit hour ranges between $3,900 to just over $8,000 per semester. Full time students also pay a fee of around $300 per semester, which covers lab, technology and other fees. Though Queens College does not estimate the cost of textbooks or other supplies, students may spend an additional $1,000 or more each semester on those expenses.

Though Queens College is very affordable, even students who have college funds often need help paying for their schooling. Students who live on campus, those who live with their parents and those who take classes online all qualify for financial aid, but those students must use the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA). Aid packages vary based on each student’s individual need. Students can receive grants and scholarships, but they can also take out subsidized and unsubsidized student loans. Students who need more money for school can also take out private loans or request that their parents borrow money from the government in the form of a parent PLUS loan.

Student Experience

The education program is among the most popular degree programs offered at Queens College. This program requires that students spend several months working in local classrooms to gain additional experience. It also has a popular fine arts program that gives students a basic understanding of arts, history, literature and other topics. Students interested in its clinical training graduate program may opt to study psychology at the undergraduate level. Though Queens College is a liberal arts school, it requires that students take classes designed to increase their general knowledge of many topics. Students also appreciate the low class sizes with one professor for every 14 students on campus.

Sports are very popular on campus, and Queens is home to 15 different teams, including basketball and baseball for male students and softball and basketball for female students. Those interested in acting will find an active theater department where famous celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld, Adrien Brody and Jon Favreau once studied. The college also has dozens of sponsored clubs and activities for students, including a ceramics club, honors society, business clubs and a history club. Students studying at Queens College will also find that the campus is home to multiple fraternities, sororities and service organizations devoted to helping others on and off campus.

Queens College is an excellent choice for students seeking a quality education at a decent price.