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Degree Opportunities at the University of Utah

The University of Utah appears in our ranking of the 50 Most Affordable Bachelor’s in Kinesiology.

The University of Utah houses its degrees in 17 different colleges and schools that contain more than 100 departments. The university offers a diverse set of programs in areas that include business, education, health, law, the humanities, and many other areas. The university’s academic departments include those in Accounting, Anesthesiology, Ballet, Environmental Engineering, Finance, Music, Nursing, and Pharmacology & Toxicology, just to name a few.

There are several areas of study at the university that fall under the interdisciplinary heading, and those programs include the demography certificate program, international studies, the disability studies program, and the Master of Public Policy program, as well as many others. Divisions at the university include Cardiothoracic Surgery, Gender Studies, Nutrition, Public Health, and Radiobiology.

Some of the most popular degrees offered at the University of Utah include communication, media studies, economics, psychology, biology, and nursing. Many of these and other popular degrees at the university are available through UOnline, which is the University of Utah online degree portal. Many undergraduate and graduate degrees are available online.

Degree options for undergraduate students online include economics, psychology, gerontology, and social work. Students can also major in family, community, & human development; parks recreation & tourism; or earn their nursing RN-BS. Graduate-level degrees include those in electrical and computer engineering, information systems, gerontology, nutrition, occupational therapy, and nursing.

Students interested in studying online at the graduate level must apply to the university, as well as provide a supplemental application directly to the program they wish to enter. Students will often take their exams for online classes via a proctor, and those testing sites are available at various campuses around Utah, as well as remote options outside the state. Students arrange to take their test via the online portal and then go to a physical location for testing.

In addition to opportunities for current high school students and online degree options, students can also enroll in several joint degree programs. For example, students may choose joint degrees that include the Master of Public Administration, Master of Business Administration, Master of Healthcare Administration, or degrees from the College of Social Work. Students can also earn a Master of Architecture alongside a Master of City & Metropolitan Planning, as well as a Juris Doctor.

Students who are still in high school may want to consider the High School University Program, which allows high school students at the sophomore, junior, and senior level to take college courses. The program is for students who are interested in enhancing their high school curriculum with advanced coursework and want to complete some of their college degree requirements before graduating from high school. To qualify for the program, students must complete their freshmen year and reach a certain threshold for their GPA. Those thresholds are 3.2 for seniors, 3.5 for juniors, and 3.7 for sophomores. Homeschooled student are eligible for the High School University Program but must contact the program administrator directly to apply.

The University of Utah Accreditation Details

The University of Utah is the flagship institution of the state’s university system and is also a space-grant school. The school has around 33,000 students attending, as well as more than 3,200 academic staff members serving students. The university boasts a well-regarded honors college and has also seen Turing award winners, MacArthur Fellows, and Pulitzer Prize winners graduate.

The school was once the University of Deseret, but it would become the University of Utah a few years before the state achieved statehood. The university’s official colors are white and red, and sports teams are nicknamed the Utes in their NCAA games. The school’s urban campus covers 1,534 acres and also features a comprehensive health facility with several community clinics and specialty centers.

University of Utah Application Requirements

The University of Utah admits around 4,200 students into its freshmen class each year, and those students have an average ACT Composite score of 22 to 29 and an average SAT score of 1130 to 1350. High school GPAs generally vary from 3.42 to 3.92 on a 4.00 scale. The university has several application deadlines throughout the year for undergraduate study, and students can apply in any season. Students must submit their application online and pay an application fee of $55.

For graduate admission to the University of Utah, students must have completed a bachelor’s degree program at a regionally accredited school. Prospective graduate students will use the Utah ApplyYourself application system. The school recommends that students submit their applications at least 30 days before the stated deadline for their chosen department. Students who are applying from outside the United States should submit their applications at least 90 days in advance.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and financial aid at the University of Utah vary and depend on the level of the program in which a student is enrolled, as well as the number of credits he or she has earned for the degree. Students in undergraduate lower division classes will pay $648.78 for basic tuition, as well as a per-credit-hour charge that ranges from $231.84 to $5,796.00 and depends on the total number of credits enrolled in.

Meanwhile, students at the graduate level of study will pay a fee of $880.52 to enroll, as well as an amount from $272.51 to $6,812.75 for tuition. The university charges a variety of extra fees like an activity fee, athletic fee, building fee, computing fee, and utilities fee. Students may also need to pay fees for the library, health services, recreation, and public council.

To apply for financial aid, students must submit their FAFSA form, as well as complete their federal taxes, which will be used to determine the student’s household contribution before any financial aid dollars are offered. Students will then apply for scholarships and may need to undergo a verification process. Students can check the status of their financial aid application with Campus Information Services and will need to accept their financial aid award through that online portal.

Students who want to qualify for merit scholarships must send their scholarship application in by November 1st and students who want to qualify for need-based scholarships must submit their application by February 1st. Some of the scholarships a student at the University of Utah may qualify for include the President’s Scholarship, Utah Flagship Scholarship, Trustees Scholarship, and University of Utah Merit Scholarship with Presidential Honors.