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Goshen College


When you have an enrollment of fewer than 900 students, of whom over 60 percent are living on campus, you can expect the college experience to be one of tight-knit community and plenty of campus involvement – and that’s exactly what Goshen College is proud to offer its students. This small, Christian liberal arts college is a leader in experiential education that ranges from its nationally noted study abroad program to its innovative, semester-long sustainability leadership experience. These, as well as its numerous campus clubs, worship events and community service activities provide ample opportunities for learning, growing and bonding with friends far beyond the classroom.

Goshen is affiliated with the Mennonite Church USA, and is proud of its “Christ-centered” identity, but the school welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds, including non-Christian religions. The college was founded in 1894 in the small Midwestern city of Goshen, Indiana. Today, it is nationally ranked by entities such as Kiplinger’s and the U.S. News and World Report as a top liberal arts college and top Christian college.

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Goshen College Accreditation Details

Goshen College is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The Carnegie Foundation classifies the school as a Baccalaureate—Arts and Sciences college.

Additionally, several of Goshen College’s programs and departments have earned accreditation from their respective overseeing bodies. The college’s division of nursing has been authorized by both the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and by the Indiana State Board of Nurses Registration and Nursing Education. Goshen’s social work program has been certified by the Council on Social Work Education. Teacher education programs at Goshen are approved by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and accredited by the Indiana Office of Educator Licensing and Development.

Goshen College Application Requirements

When applying to Goshen College, be sure to check their admissions home page for up-to-date deadlines and to reach out to their admissions officers with any questions. Here are some general facts and tips to help you plan your application:

  • Completed applications need to be submitted by the priority deadline of December 15 in order to receive full consideration for achievement scholarships. July 1 is the final deadline application deadline for incoming freshman, August 1 for transfer students.
  • Applicants can choose to complete the Goshen College application online or by paper application. Alternatively, the Common Application, a college application system employed by approximately 600 colleges, may be used.
  • First-year applicants should submit high school transcripts, SAT or ACT scores and a personal essay. Goshen recommends that freshman applicants have completed 4 units of English, 2 to 4 units of mathematics, 2 to 3 units of science, 2 to 3 units of social science and 2 to 4 units of a foreign language in high school.
  • Transfer students need to submit college transcripts. For transfer students with fewer than 24 college credits, high school transcripts are required as well. SAT or ACT scores are recommended, especially if the student wishes to participate in athletics. A minimum college GPA of 2.0 is recommended for transfer candidates.

Tuition and Financial Aid

As of the 2016-2017 academic year, full-time tuition for an undergraduate student at Goshen is $32,000. Room and board for a student living on campus is $10,300. Freshman applicants are eligible for a range of academic merit scholarships, with the total amount awarded based upon the applicant’s high school GPA. The most valuable of these is the Menno Simmons scholarship, an award of $14,000 for which students with a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible. Each of these academic scholarships are renewable for up to eight semesters of study. Transfer applicants who have completed at least 24 college credits are eligible for academic scholarships of up to $10,000. Transfer scholarships are awarded based upon on the grade point average of previous college work, and the highest award requires a GPA of 3.85 or above. Students can also apply for a variety of achievement scholarships based on their academic major, missionary interest, participation in athletics or other campus involvement.

As a Mennonite-affiliated college, Goshen College is able to offer students two types of financial aid unique to religious schools. The first is Goshen’s church aid matching grant program. When a student’s church congregation raises money to help him or her attend college, Goshen matches that financial assistance – dollar for dollar for the first $1,000, and at a ratio of 1:4 thereafter. The program is open to churches of all denominations. The second aid opportunity is for students whose parents are employed by a Mennonite-affiliated school. These students can apply for a tuition discount of up to 50 percent.

Other forms of financial aid potentially available to eligible students include on-campus work-study as well as federal grants and/or loans.

Student Experience

Two of the guiding principles behind Goshen College’s variety of learning programs and activities are service and leadership, both of which are reflected into of the College’s signature programs: its study service term and its sustainability leadership semester.

A staggering 80 percent of Goshen students study abroad, reflecting the college’s commitment to global awareness and social justice. Instead of touring European capitals and living in apartments or residence halls, Goshen students travel to developing countries and stay with regular families there, experiencing day to day life in a completely different culture, taking intensive language courses and participating in volunteer projects related to their majors.

The sustainability leadership semester is a unique, innovative and interdisciplinary program in which students take intensive block courses while tackling real-life environmental problems in the local community.

Of course, there’s plenty to do back at campus as well, given Goshen’s numerous clubs, activities, and events ranging from late night worship sessions to Bollywood dance night. Goshen College is also perfect for sporty types, with 25 percent of its students participating in athletics. All in all, for students looking to serve, lead and make new friends through favorite activities, or perhaps even while trying something new, Goshen College has plenty to offer.