How Do I Know I Have What It Takes To Study Finance?

Anyone who is considering a finance degree should probably be aware of what it takes to do well in the field. While everyone is different and all jobs have their own unique requirements, there are some qualities and skills that would serve those interested in the world of financial affairs well to possess. Keep these in mind when considering majors and career paths.

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Interpersonal Skills

Financial professionals deal with people all the time. They need to be able to build relationships with clients in order to gain trust and hold onto these partnerships for years into the future.

Strong Communication

Along these lines, strong written and communication skills are necessary for those working in the finance industry. Clients depend upon clear, concise and frequent communication regarding their investments and money situation. In addition, being able to make industry jargon understandable to everyone is a plus.

Problem-Solving Ability

The ability to handle complex problems is essential to a competent financial pro. Clients look to finance experts to help them meet their money needs. This is a big responsibility. Issues arise suddenly, and financial workers must be able to address them thoroughly and swiftly.

Analytical Mind

Those looking to obtain a finance degree should have a strong analytical mind. This means someone who can analyze complicated problems, use lateral thinking skills, collect relevant data and develop possible solutions.

Knowledge of Financial Systems

Finance majors should be sure to learn as many technical programs and tools as possible so that they are up-to-date on the latest IT needs within the industry. This includes an understanding of such systems as accounts payable automation, predictive analytics, Oracle and SAP accounting software.

Growth Mindset

While much of money management remains consistent, it’s still important that financial professionals be innovative in their thinking and open to the possibilities. The world of finance is ever-changing. Those who are open to growth and always learning will be the most successful.


Because of so much change within the financial sector, it’s crucial that those within the industry be resilient and able to go with the flow. Learning new things is crucial, as best practices and technology is always evolving. Someone who avoids change will not do well in this profession.


Vision is an elusive quality. It means being able to see the bigger picture, to look ahead and identify the possibilities that exist. This is good for both companies and clients. Employers love potential hires who have vision because these individuals will bring energy and ideas to their job. Clients appreciate a financial advisor who can look ahead and make smart predictions.

These are just a handful of the qualities someone interested in joining the financial sector should have. Employers want to hire dynamic professionals who bring all the knowledge and personality to the table that their clients will benefit from. A finance degree requires more than just understanding the material and getting good grades.

Source: The Ladders