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Degrees Available Through the University of Illinois System Online

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The University of Illinois System Online is the online branch of the university that offers degree programs for students. This division allows students to take individual courses that they transfer to a traditional program and to complete full degree programs on the web. There are 18 bachelor’s degree programs available that include majors in communication, business administration, computer science, history, English, liberal studies, psychology and political science. The university’s liberal studies program allows students to take one to two years of classes or more and then transfer to another university or fulfill the requirements to earn their degrees online. Students can also finish a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) online.

Graduate students can study one of 55 subjects online. The agricultural education program looks at how teachers can work with students as they study agricultural subjects, while the civil and environmental engineering program includes design and engineering courses. One popular program is the Master of Business Administration program, which allows students to take classes in accounting, finance, human resources, management and other fields over the internet. A major in new learning is one of the university’s newer online programs. It looks at some of the ways in which teachers now use technology when working with their students.

Five degree programs are also available for doctoral students, including four education majors. Most of these programs require dissertations and ask that students spend at least one year working on those projects and papers. The University of Illinois can place their dissertations in its on-campus libraries for other students to browse and read. Global studies in education, human resource development, diversity and equity in education and learning design and leadership are the four online education programs available. The university also allows students to major in public health.

The more than 80 certificate programs offered online by the university include options for students who want to further their careers. Each program is available from a different branch of the University of Illinois and includes subjects such as business analytics and aerospace materials. In the basic firefighter certificate program, students study the methods that firefighters use in the field and how they prevent fires and stop the destruction caused by those incidents. The digital marketing program helps students understand the ways in which they can market products or services online and reach a large customer base. Students can also earn education certificates online such as one in teaching English as a second language.

About the University of Illinois System Online

The University of Illinois System Online refers to the online division of the University of Illinois System. This system consists of three campuses in Illinois that include the flagship campus in Urbana-Champaign. Founded in 1867, the system is the oldest in the state. Also known as U of I, the online division uses the name U of I Online. Students applying to one of the online programs will need to apply to the individual campus that is responsible for that program. The Global Campus opened in 2008 and introduced students to online studies. This campus shut down by the end of 2009 after the university realized that launching an online system that provided students with access to all three campuses was a better alternative. Though more than 70,000 students take classes from all three campuses each year, enrollment in U of I Online includes just a few thousand students.

University of Illinois System Online Accreditation Details

All the campuses in the U of I system have accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). This is the regional accreditation that lets students transfer the credits they earned to another school. It also gives students the option of applying for financial aid, which they can do with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Some of the university’s online programs have accreditation from specialty and professional organizations too.

University of Illinois System Online Application Requirements

U of I Online encourages students to look at the technical requirements for online study to make sure that they have computers and other products that meet those basic requirements before they apply. The online system does not accept applications though. It requires that students apply to the campus that offers the programs they want to study. Most campuses have the same application requirements though. Undergrads will need to apply online and pay the fee charged by that campus. They will also need to submit a minimum of a high school transcript and a test score from the ACT or SAT. Those who did not finish high school can submit a home school transcript or a GED score instead.

Graduate students need to supply their transcripts and may need to submit a GRE score or a score from a different exam. These programs can have other requirements for grad students that include an essay and letters of recommendation. Students may need to submit one to three letters that come from people familiar with their professional and/or academic work. Their essays allow them to talk about how online programs benefit them and why they want to study at U of I Online.

Tuition and Financial Aid

When it comes to tuition, online students pay the rates charged by each individual campus. These rates vary across both programs and levels. Undergrads pay rates that start at $409 per credit hour and can complete some programs for less than $8,000 in total. The online graduate programs charge rates of between $409 and more than $1,000 per credit hour. It costs a minimum of $22,000 to complete most of these programs online. U of I Online charges similar rates for students in a certificate program.

Online students attending U of I qualify for the same financial aid that on-campus students do and can use the FAFSA also. Students with strong test scores and good grades can get one of the university’s scholarships and qualify for at least one grant as well. They also have the option of taking out student loans, including unsubsidized and subsidized loans. These direct loans go directly to students, but there are PLUS loans that graduate students and the parents of undergrads can get. All of the degree programs available online through the University of Illinois System Online include financial aid options for all students.