How Much Does an App Developer Earn?

With the growing popularity of mobile and web applications, the demand for well-versed and highly-skilled app developers has never been higher. Because it is such a stable job with great potential for career growth, more and more people are transitioning their careers or returning to school to attend web development and software engineering degree programs.

Before returning to school, it’s important for any prospective app developer to research the field and reported salaries so that they have realistic earnings expectations. Earn a college degree or completing certification training can get costly. Knowing that the money was well-spent is crucial when selecting a career. Here is information on how much an app developer is expected to earn.

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Supply and Demand Drives Earnings

When it comes to average earnings, the higher the demand for professionals, the higher the salaries reported. Anytime there is a large supply of professionals in a workforce climate where the demand isn’t extremely high, it will drive starting salaries down.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for software engineers who are specializing in application development is on the rise in most common industries. Overall, the demand for professionals in the field is projected to grow by 24 percent by 2026. The highest need for developers will be in the software publishing industry, with need reported in computer systems design, information services, and data processing as well.

Median Wages in Application Development

How much an app developer will earn when they are offered employment depends on multiple factors. The easiest way to determine what a realistic or competitive salary in the field or the industry it would be to review median wages reported by the BLS and then to narrow down salaries by different data points later on.

Considering all industries all across the country, the average median salary for an app developer reported by BLS is $51.30 per hour or $106,710 per year. The top earners in the 90th percentile in the industry earn $76.97 per hour, while the bottom 10th percentile earn only $28.79 per hour.

Earnings by Industry

Some industries have much higher published wage information and employment records than others. One of the largest factors that will influence a developer’s potential earnings when getting into the field will be the industry in which they choose to work. Data on recent wages for development industries is below:

  • Software Publishing: $116,740 average per year
  • Computer Systems Design: $105,190 average per year
  • Management of Companies: $102,640 average per year
  • Data Processing: $108,950 average per year
  • Information Services: $122,140 average per year

Factors Affecting Earnings

Competition for positions within each industry can vary. Some industries prefer more experienced engineers and developers than others. While there are settings where a college degree isn’t required, a majority of companies are looking to hire applicants with no less than a Bachelor’s degree. The geographical region will also dramatically impact job openings.

App developers can specialize in creating functional applications for everyday use or in developing entertainment-based apps. Regardless of the specialization, professional app developers who have a good portfolio do have potential to earn a high living wage for a great quality of life.