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John Brown University


John Brown University is a private Christian academic institution that ranks in the top tier for higher education and spiritual growth. With over 40 different areas of study, John Brown University offers students the ability to learn, grow and achieve success in all of their personal and professional endeavors.

Founded in 1919, John Brown University is nestled in the heart of Northwest Arkansas and serves over 2,700 undergraduate and graduate students from around the globe. Although JBU is a Christian University that, over the years, has fostered a very tight-knit Christian community, the University is non-denominational. John Brown University welcomes students of all religious denominations and faiths.

John Brown University’s mission is to provide a high-quality and engaging Christ-centered academic curriculum; challenging students to flourish academically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. The University offers over 40 different undergraduate major programs, 47 minor programs and 10 graduate degree programs. The most prominent undergraduate programs in regards to enrollment are engineering, graphic and web design, nursing, business administration and family and human services.

In addition to striving for academic excellence, John Brown University cares about those living on campus, as well as out in the community. A number of extra-curricular activities, athletics and ministries help students connect with others on campus; as well as collaborate with those living in the greater Northwestern Arkansas community. The University strives to create a positive and engaging atmosphere for students of all backgrounds and faiths to come together to learn, grow and flourish both academically and spiritually.

John Brown University Accreditation Details

John Brown University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and approved by the Arkansas State Department of Education, as well as the United States Department for Justice for the education of foreign students.

The University is also a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Arkansas’ Independent Colleges and Universities, the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, the Council for Independent Colleges, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools and the National Association of Evangelicals.
Some undergraduate and graduate degree programs are accredited separately.

John Brown University Application Requirements

For admission into John Brown University, candidates must have a minimum high school GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) and an ACT score of 20 or SAT score of at least 950.

For all interest undergraduate students, the application process is as follows:

• Complete an online application
• Send official copies of high school transcripts and SAT/ACT test scores
• Meet your counselor
• Do a campus visit
• Submit a deposit to the University
• File all necessary FAFSA forms for financial aid

The deadline for application (spring semester only) is December 1st.

Students who are interested in applying to one of the ten graduate programs at the University must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university or college. They must also submit the following:

• A completed online application with a non-refundable $35 application fee (including essay)
• Official transcripts from all schools attended
• Recommendation forms from three people that are unrelated to you
• Official exam scores from graduate level entrance exams (if applicable)

Students may be requested to submit additional information or participate in an admissions interview – depending on the program. While graduate programs do not have a specific deadline, it is recommended that students apply at least six weeks prior to the start of the first course. Some programs may have different requirements, so it is recommended that students contact their program or department of interest directly.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of attending John Brown University as an undergraduate freshman student is approximately $33,132 per year. This include the cost of tuition, as well as other associated University fees and basic living expenses. Financial aid is available to all undergraduate students in the form of scholarships and grants. In fact, John Brown University recognizes the challenges associated with funding an elite education and therefore provides assistance to over 90% of the student population.

For those looking into graduate school, the cost of attendance is $548 per credit for all fall, spring and summer courses. Graduate students are encouraged to fill out a FAFSA form to qualify for financial assistance in the form of loans. Graduate fellowships and assistantships are also available on a limited basis.

Student Experience

John Brown University is a University unlike any other. Not only does the school provide a unique educational experience, but encourages students to purse a Christ-centered life.
According to a US News and World Report for 2015, John Brown University was ranked the #1 college in the South and was recognized as being one of the nation’s best value schools. Reasonably priced, John Brown University offers a top-notch, well-structured and challenging academic curriculum that stimulates, excites and inspires students from all over the world.

As a student at John Brown University, you are exposed to an intellectually stimulating curriculum, an intimate student population and some of the best and brightest minds in the teaching world. The campus offers a beautiful, safe space for students to gather and live out the Christian faith; as well as practice their own. With so many student-centered activities, there is always an opportunity to connect with other like-minded students to network, collaborate and flourish socially. Students are also given ample opportunities to interact and serve those living within their community. The University is very connected to the people – both on campus and outside in the greater Northwestern Arkansas vicinity.

At John Brown University, students are able to embark on the path to success with a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The Business Administration program, Liberal Arts Online Program or Nursing Program are at the forefront of educational stimulation and success. Regardless of the program, students are able to direct their educational experience according to their personal preferences through online classes or traditional classroom settings. Unlike many other colleges and universities, John Brown University strives to create more intimate and personalized educational experiences – boasting a small 13:1 student/teacher ratio.

At John Brown University, the student experience is unique. Not only does it prepare students for future career success, but for lifelong emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth and fulfillment, as well.