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Degrees Offered at Union University

Union University appears in our ranking of The 30 Most Affordable Doctorate Degrees in Educational Leadership Online.

Union University is home to approximately 2,200 students, and there are more than 100 majors and 55 minors available. There are also online programs and graduate programs available.

Some of the most interesting offerings available from Union University include:

  •  Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies-Languages
  •  Bachelor of Science in Zoology
  •  Bachelor of Science in Conservation

Students will also find traditional programs including:

  •  Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  •  Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  •  Bachelor of Science in Biology
  •  Bachelor of Science in Special Education

The graduate school offers 14 programs and eight areas of study. Some of the available degrees include:

  •  Master of Accountancy
  •  Doctor of Education
  •  Master of Science in Nursing
  •  Master of Social Work
  •  Doctor of Nursing Practice

The school also offers online programs including the following:

  •  RN-BSN Completion Program
  •  Master of Education
  •  Master of Christian Studies
  •  Doctor of Education

There are also hybrid online-on campus programs including the following:

  •  Master of Science in Nursing
  •  Doctor of Nursing Practice

About Union University

Located in Jackson, Tennessee, with satellite campuses in Hendersonville, Tennessee and Germantown, Tennessee, Union University is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Tennessee Baptist Convention.

As a Christian-centered university, Union puts a high emphasis on not only academics, but on the relationship its students have with God, and the entire Union community has a Christ-centered focus.

Founded in 1823, Union University is the oldest school affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, and it is highly ranked by a variety of sources including the Princeton Review, U.S. News & and World Report, and College Choice.

The history of Union University is an interesting one. It all began with Jackson Male Academy, which was founded in 1823. This school was supported by a group of men who worked to get a college charter and an endowment from the state of Tennessee. They met this goal in the 1840s, and the academy became West Tennessee College. The college offered three degrees and had four departments: Languages, Philosophy, Mathematics, and Chemistry.

The school continued as West Tennessee College until 1874 when it started to have financial difficulties. The board of the college ended up offering it to the Tennessee Baptists in hopes that the school could be saved. Meanwhile, the Baptists of Middle Tennessee had founded Union University in Murfreesboro, and it, too, came under bad times. In fact, it closed in 1859, reopened in 1868, and then closed again in 1873. These two colleges, along with Southwestern Baptist University, were all under the management of the Tennessee Baptists. In 1907, Dt. T.T. Eaton left his library to Southwestern. He was a former professor at Union University in Murfreesboro. Soon, due to this gift, Southwestern changed its name to Union University, too.

In 1925, the Tennessee Baptist Convention created a charter that essentially combined all of the above together, and it became one college, collectively named Union University.

Union University Accreditation Details

Union University holds an accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. It has held this accreditation continuously since 1948. In addition to this, specific programs at Union University also hold accreditation. These include the following:

  •  Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Engineering Accreditation Commission
  •  American Chemical Society
  •  Certification in Education for Public Relations, Public Relations Society of America
  •  Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  •  National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

Union University Application Requirements

Applicants who are applying for admission to Union University as a freshman must be graduating from an accredited high school. They must also have the following units:

  •  English – 4 units
  •  Mathematics – 3 units
  •  Social Sciences – 3 units
  •  Natural Science – 3 units
  •  Foreign Language/Fine Arts – 2 units

Students should also be able to show at least a score of 22 on the ACT, 1100 on the SAT, or 72 on the CLT, Classical Learning Test. They must also have a GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, and they should be in the top 50 percent of their graduating class. Applicants who do not meet these conditions may be admitted with conditions.

Those applying as graduate students to Union University have a slightly different application process. First, they must choose the program they are interested in, and then apply directly online. There are a few requirements that applicants must make sure are included in the application including undergraduate transcripts, a personal statement, letters of recommendation, and a resume.

Applicants who are pursuing an online degree should apply in the same way as students who plan to study on campus.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergraduate students who attend Union University in the 2019-2020 school year pay a tuition of $16,325 per semester. In addition to that, students must pay a variety of fees, which are between $600 and $1,000. Students must also pay for housing and a meal plan, which ranges from around $4,800 per semester and $5,800 per semester depending on the housing location and meal plan choice.

Graduate students who attend Union University have tuition that is based on the program. Here are a few examples of graduate tuitions as of 2019-2020. Some are charged annually, and some are charged per credit hour. More tuition information is available on each programs’ web page.

  •  College of Pharmacy – $37,150 per year
  •  Master of Science in Nursing – $615 per credit hour

Financial aid is available for those who qualify, and 100 percent of incoming freshmen in the 2019-2020 school year received some type of financial assistance for their education.

Undergraduate students begin the financial aid process by filling out the FAFSA, and then getting an award letter from the school. Some of the financial aid options include scholarships, grants, and loans. Veteran students might also be eligible for VA benefits to fund their education.

Graduate students should start the financial aid process by filling out the FAFSA. Once that is done, the interested student will receive an award letter, which explains their financial aid package. Both grants and loans are available for graduate students at Union University, and there is a monthly payment plan option available, too.