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Illinois Institute of Technology


Illinois Institute of TechnologyThe Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) began under the name Armour Institute, which first opened their doors in 1893. At this time, they just offered courses in chemistry, engineering and architecture. Throughout the years, the Illinois Institute of Technology has merged and formed partnerships with a variety of other colleges and institutes. Today, the institute grants undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees in everything from law to business to human sciences. There are 16 institutions that make up the Association of Independent Technological Universities (AITU). These include the Colleges of Science and Architecture, the School of Applied Technology, the Institute of Design, the Stuart School of Business, the Armour College of Engineering, the Lewis College of Human Sciences and the Institute for Food Safety and Health.

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The institute offers advanced facilities and faculty that have impressive academic backgrounds in their fields of expertise. The Illinois Institute of Technology maintains a research partnership with the IIT Research Institute (IITRI). They currently handle around $130 million dollars of research every year in a variety of fields, such as aerospace, fluid dynamics, radiation science, recycling science, environmental engineering, food safety technology and transportation infrastructure. The IIT Research Institute has several locations throughout the country and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) itself has five campuses in the Chicago area. The main 120 acre campus builders were created by one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. As a result, the IIT College of Architecture’s building was designated a National Historic Landmark and the American Institute of Architects recognized the campus as having significant architecture works.

Illinois Institute of Technology Accreditation Details

– Since 1941, they have been accredited through the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools’ (NCA) Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Illinois Institute of Technology Application Requirements

Admission to Illinois Institute of Technology is based on a variety of factors, such as academic, extracurricular and individual performances. All students must demonstrate academic aptitude in math, science and communication. Students should have completed at least four years of English and math as well as three of years of science in high school. Applicants must submit a higher teacher or counselor recommendation and their SAT or ACT scores. Illinois Institute of Technology maintains academic partnerships with a variety of other accredited higher learning institutions, such as DePaul University, Wheaton College, Benedictine University, Elmhurst College and Lewis University. Most of these programs are designed for engineering students and each affiliated school has their own admission requirements.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The average student will pay around $43,500 for tuition, $1,710 in fees, $11,610 for lodging, $1,250 for books, $1,035 for transportation and $3,100 for personal expenses. However, around 98 percent of students receive some sort of financial aid. The institute uses a standard Family’s Adjusted Gross Income ratio to calculate grant and scholarship aid. For example, students whose families make up to $45,000 per year can qualify for up to $41,390 in aid and those who make up to $85,000 can qualify for up to $38,700 per year. First-year scholarships include the Heald award, which is a $10,000 merit-based scholarship, and the Duchossois Leadership award, which is for students who demonstrate exceptional leadership potential. The Camras Scholars Program is reserved for undergraduate students who maintain the highest academic grades. The University Scholars Program is for new students who have excellent high school grades, standardized test scores and written recommendations. There are also degree specific awards, such as the Crown Scholarship that provides full tuition for full-time architecture students. The Illinois Tech/FIRST scholarship is reserved for students who study robotics and participate in robotics competitions.

Student Experience

Students who enter the College of Science will enjoy challenging programs in mathematics and the sciences. Some of the possible degrees include applied physics, astrophysics, biochemistry, bioinformatics and chemistry. Alternately, the Armour College of Engineering has a long history of promoting engineering innovation and leadership. This college’s strong curriculum is shared through award winning forums, lectures, off-site explorations and team-based projects that focus on health, energy, water and security. Students can earn a degree in civil, computer, biomedical, aerospace and architectural engineering. Similar to this, the College of Architecture helps students obtain the design and technical expertise needed to excel in the areas of architectural design, history, planning and landscape.

The Stuart School of Business emphasizing analytical thinking, quantitative tools, applied learning and real-world problem solving. Students can select degrees in traditional topics, such as finance and marketing, and unique topics, such as entrepreneurship and international business. On the other hand, students who are admitted to the Lewis College of Human Sciences can take a variety of humanity and social science degrees, such as behavioral health and consumer research analytics. Students who apply to the School of Applied Technology will be trained how to develop and implement innovative solutions for real-world problems and environments. This school offers degrees in systems security, data management, Internet development and IT entrepreneurship.

When it comes to student activities, there are many student organizations available that meet specific needs. These include academic, religious and student activity groups. Students can get involved with student organizations that serve the entire population, such as the TechNews, Student Union Board (UB) and the Student Government Association (SGA). For example, the Student Union Board plans and hosts up to 200 on-campus and off-campus events every year for students. The Scarlet Hawks are a group of athletic teams that includes soccer, swimming, baseball, basketball and track and field. Some of the teams are transitioning to NCAA Division III Athletics. The institute boasts over 40,000 alumni, many of which have become quite accomplished their fields. These researchers, scientists and engineers have made some most important technological advances, such as inventing magnetic recording technology and developing re-entry techniques and technology for spacecraft. Many local architects have created notable buildings in the Chicago area.

The Illinois Institute of Technology is a relatively unknown, but highly successfully and inviting higher learning institution that offers quality STEM degrees.