5 Benefits of Performing Community Service in College

For many people, volunteering seems like a waste of time. While it seems like something nice to do for the community, it can be hard to fit volunteering into a student’s schedule. While students volunteered at a rate of 31.2 percent in 2004, this number dropped to 26.1 percent by 2010. While most students are not volunteering today, they are missing out on professional, personal and health benefits.

1. Improved Resumes

One of the most obvious reasons to volunteer is because it improves the student’s resume. Volunteering looks great to employers and shows an employer that the student cares about their community. In addition, volunteering can serve as an unpaid internship. Employers are often unwilling to hire people without experience, and volunteering is an easy way for students to gain experience in a different field.

2. Boost Grades and Academic Potential

According to researchers, students who do community service are more likely to do well in school. This could be due to the benefits and learning potential of volunteering positions. It may also be because students who volunteer are more likely to focus on their grades as well. Whatever the reason, students who volunteer have better academic scores and achievements.

3. Create a Network

Students who want to break into a specific field can use volunteering to network with other professionals in the industry. As a volunteer, the student may learn about new job positions or internships that are available. In addition, students can use some of their volunteer partners for references and advice on finding a job in the industry.

4. Become a Better Person

Volunteering is a rewarding experience. Studies show that people who help others are consistently happier individuals. Students can become happier through volunteering, and they can learn new skills that help to succeed. From learning communication skills as a volunteer advocate to managing the books, students can pick up skills that help them to grow as a person. Students regularly pay thousands of dollars every year for their schooling. Instead of spending more money on school to learn a skill, students may be able to pick up the same ability through volunteering. At the same time, they will be developing a resume and networking with professionals.

5. Enjoy a Health Boost

A recent study of two decades of volunteering showed that volunteers enjoyed remarkable health benefits. Compared to non-volunteers, volunteers were less likely to deal with depression and had lower mortality rates. While older individuals had the most health benefits, young students can enjoy the health benefits as well. Volunteers are less likely to become ill than non-volunteers. In addition, people who spent over 100 hours volunteering each year showed remarkably positive health outcomes.

From desirable health benefits to a better resume, students who volunteer are able to gain exceptional benefits. While the student gives back to their community, they are able to learn skills and abilities that help them in the job market. Due to this, the most successful students tend to choose volunteering roles that help them give back to their community while improving their job prospects.

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