5 Jobs With a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management

Healthcare management jobs are open to those who have a bachelor’s degree related to health care administration. These degree programs are designed to provide students with knowledge and skills related to the financial, logistical and operational management of health care facilities. After graduating, students will understand fundamental concepts of health care management tools, statistics, processes and problem solving.

Clinical Affairs Supervisor

A clinical affairs supervisor will provide hands-on leadership to care management teams. They may use software platforms that empower patients to manage their own chronic diseases. They may work with health care IT management to streamline new collaboration models with clinicians. They must establish and reach objectives and strategies as defined by executives. They continually work with teams to improve clinical policies, procedures and operations. They effectively and cohesively supervise teams by focusing on coaching, performance and career development. They ensure that staff are allocated with appropriate resources to achieve expectations and deliverables.

Rehabilitation Center Supervisor

Rehabilitation center supervisors manage the overall administration of rehabilitation services and functions. They create, develop, implement and evaluate rehabilitation programs to insure that therapy services, personnel and operations are properly provided to health care consumers. Rehabilitation center supervisors ensure compliance with applicable standards and regulations pertinent to rehabilitation care services. They provide hands-on management assistance to staff and with patients. They mentor internal employees and external clients. They support staff development programs related to training, mentoring, recruiting and performance management. They must be familiar with Veterans Affairs operations, processes and paperwork.

Network Manager

Network managers lead teams who collaborate with network providers to ensure the delivery of high quality, cost efficient health care services to designated health plans. They are responsible for implementing departmental goals, interacting with internal customers and reaching established priorities. They assess operational patterns and practices to identify and recommend performance improvement actions. They assist with network expansion activities, coordinate problem resolutions, ensure ongoing collaboration with providers and present health care staff reports to network providers. They must determine the causes of clinical trends and financial anomalies.

Medical Call Center Supervisor

Medical call center supervisors usually have at least five years’ experience in health care settings involving leadership. They use the knowledge gained from their degree in health care management, to supervise clinical and nonclinical staff. They use their excellent written and verbal communication skills to oversee customer service interactions. They apply their knowledge of quality programs and performance improvement techniques to improve operations. They must have excellent organizational, time management skills and collaborative team skills. They use their proficiency in data collection, analysis and interpretation to identify and improve problems.

Public Health Education Supervisor

A public health education supervisor has the responsibility of planning, coordinating and promoting health education initiatives and prevention activities. They are responsible for the application of psychology and public health principles that foster the adoption of behaviors that improve community health. They need a strong knowledge of the principles and terminology of public health education and administration. They will liaison with community organizations related to health care, disease prevention and substance abuse management. They must have a thorough knowledge of research methods, health care marketing and educational techniques. They also need the ability to prepare and present educational materials. They may work with epidemiologists and public health data scientists.

Other healthcare management jobs include ambulatory supervisors who coordinate departmental operations with managers, administrators and support staff.

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