What Can I Do with a Computer Design Degree?

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Before you decide that a computer design degree is the best investment of your time and money, you need to know what types of careers you will be qualified for if this is the degree you choose to hold. The demand for professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable enough to hold a wide range computer jobs is high, and studying computer design could prepare you for many of these in both developing and programming. Read on and learn more about how a degree that prepares you to utilize computer graphics, develop media and execute on programs can help you in the professional phase of your life.

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What Courses Will You Complete When Majoring in Computer Design?

If you are studying for a Bachelor of Arts in computer design, you will take courses that focus on both arts and computer programming technologies. Some of the common course requirements include: two-dimension design, media writing, drawing, computer art, graphic communication, programming concepts, still imaging, and project management. In addition to this, you may be given the option to choose a track where you will take specialty classes in a different design area. These could include animation, print media, and web design. The required courses and electives that are chosen will be focused on the track.  It’s a good idea to search for a college or university that is technologically advanced to make sure your education stays on the cutting edge.

Career Pathways That You Can Take Once You Graduate

Some computer graphic designers can land positions without a degree, but most employers hiring design majors in areas of computing are looking for a candidate with a 4-year degree. Not only will be you prepared to hold a title as an entry-level graphic designer who takes on visual projects to create animation, web platforms and even packaging, you can also hold a wide range of other titles.

Some will pursue positions in animation as a multimedia artist or animator. These professionals are similar to graphic designers but they do not use solely computer software to render their art. Instead they use storyboards and wide range of mediums to complete projects. Another common route is that of desktop publisher. Those who hold this title will also create graphics, but typically for publishing in a magazine or book. Depending upon your experience with software development, it could be possible to design or develop software if you grasp programming languages.

Deciding Which Career is Best

As you go down the list, you will see that you are not limited to design or development. You may also be qualified to work in engineering, hardware, database management, repair, technical support, technical writing and more. To make the best decision on where you should allow your degree to take you, you need to consider your preferences, your skills and the demand. For example, the demand for graphic designers is only projected to grow by 7% and demand in desktop publishing is projected to fall by 15 percent. In some settings, however, like with public relations agencies and marketing companies, the demand for highly trained professionals may be higher than the national average.

If you want to land some of the best technology jobs in the US, you need to see where there is the best potential for growth. Your computer design degree, if it is specialized, can lead you to top-paying careers in software design, web development and more. If you are set on a computer design degree, you must be sure it will offer you a return by choosing the right career path.