Bachelor’s and Graduate Ranking Methodology

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Tuition figures for the year are the out of state tuition numbers that are reported to the National Center for Education Statistics, an information clearinghouse of the US government. Enrollment and student to faculty ratios also come from this source. Per credit hour tuition rates found in the school review information comes from the school’s website and may show a discount from the rate reported by the government.

Rating and Ranking Methodology

Tuition Points

  1. Under $30,000—1 point
  2. Under $27,000—2 points
  3. Under $24,000—3 points
  4. Under $21,000—4 points
  5. Under $18,000—5 points
  6. Under $15,000—6 points
  7. Under $12,000—7 points
  8. Under $9,000—8 points

Student to Faculty Ratio Points

  1. Above 35-1 point
  2. Above 30-2 point
  3. Above 25-3 points
  4. Above 20-4 points
  5. Above 15-5 points
  6. Above 10-6 points

National Recognition

  1. Top 100-1 point
  2. Top 40-2 point
  3. Top 30-3 points
  4. Top 20-4 points
  5. Top 10-5 points
  6. Top 5-6 points

Bonus for special tuition discount for online students

  1. Has special online discount for tuition-3 points
  2. Online students charged standard tuition-0 points