5 Great College Graduation Gifts

When looking for some great ideas for college graduation gifts for that special person in your life, it can be daunting trying to find the perfect one. Graduating from college is a very special achievement that should be uniquely recognized. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ideas for gifts that celebrate such a special milestone.

1. Digital Camera

This gift idea may seem a little simple, but most recent graduates either don’t have a camera and/or can’t afford one on a student’s budget. Getting your recent graduate a nice digital camera to not only capture the moments of graduation, but also the moments that begin their new life, is a personal and practical gifting idea. Whether it’s small enough to take on their traveling adventures or large enough to peak the photographer inside of them, a digital camera is the perfect way to help your recent grad document their new journey.

2. Upgraded Wardrobe

USA Today put it perfectly when they said, “wardrobes certainly need upgrading when you go from being a college student to a working professional – and spicing up your closet can get pricey.” After graduating, most students are changing their fashion sense from sweats and yoga pants, to blazers and suits. With a small budget, it can be difficult preparing for the work world. Your recent graduate would appreciate a gift card that would allow them to purchase some new apparel. If you’re looking for a more personalized graduation gift, you could even take the grad shopping yourself to help them look their best for their future.

3. Gym/Yoga Membership

For recent graduates, it may be hard to financially juggle bills, life essentials, and gym fees. If your grad likes the gym, yoga, kickboxing, etc., providing them with a prepaid membership or gift card could not only take one more thing off their shoulders, but also give them the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they start this new chapter in their life. Gym fees can be expensive, especially when you’re living on a budget. Most athletic clubs or gyms offer discounts if you purchase a membership for a larger sum of time, so you could gift your grad stress-free workouts for an entire year or more.

4. Prepaid Subscription Box Membership

In case you haven’t heard, subscription boxes are one of the most popular, newest retail options in the country; and there are hundreds of subscription box companies. Some ship their products monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or bi-yearly. You could purchase a gift subscription that is practical or fun for your graduate. Personal care products, beauty products, food, clothing, or just plain fun items can be sent monthly, directly to their doors. This type of gift can not only alleviate possible financial burdens for your grad, but is also a personalized, fun way to show them how much you care.

5. Gas Card

If you really want to get a unique graduation gift that can help your grad, keep in mind that “gas and food are two of the most expensive necessities,” as stated by Business Insider. We all know that gas prices are a common complaint among most people, and for college grads it’s just one more thing to worry about. They’ll be driving to interviews, to work, and to all of their other new-found obligations. Buying them a gift card for gas may seem like a boring, practical gift, but what young adult doesn’t need gas money? The gift of transportation could be the perfect gift idea for your recent grad.

Graduating from college is an extremely exceptional moment in time that should be celebrated. This list of great college graduation gifts is full of practical, helpful, and unique presents that can help the recent graduate in your life begin their new chapter on the right foot.