Great Value Colleges in Florida: Saving Money while Getting a Degree

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Cheap College Opportunities in Florida

Looking to expand your career opportunities with a higher education while saving money? Look no further because many of the colleges in Florida will get you the education you want without breaking your bank, and we’ve listed the best for you right here.

Whether you are about to obtain your high school diploma or considering returning to school after being in the workforce, Florida universities and community colleges offer you a wealth of opportunities and choices. Florida boasts nearly 400 colleges and more than 1.7 million college students. And many of these schools offer a wide range of programs and majors.

Why We’re Here

We are here to help you decide which school best fits your needs. Do you want to live in an urban or rural environment? What will be your major? Do you need to attend a school with sports teams that play in national championship games? Well, we’ve done the background research on these schools and the surrounding areas to arm you with the knowledge you need to make a wise and reasoned decision. You will have plenty of opportunities to do your own research once you begin attending college classes, so this research is on us!

For many people, the basic choice boils down to cold, hard cash. In this spirit, we have created a ranking of the top 15 most affordable Florida universities and community colleges, as well as a list of 10 Florida resident-specific scholarships and grants. We have also included background information about each school and the surrounding areas to help you get a sense of the community in which you will be attending school.

Florida Demographics

Based on 2014 estimates, Florida has a total population of 19,893,297 people. This is an increase of almost 300,000 people from 2013. About 20.6% of the population is under age 18 and 60.7% of the population is between 18 and 65 years of age. The median household income (2009-2013) is $46,956 per year.

While about 86.1% of Florida residents, age 25 or higher, have a high school diploma, just 26.4% have earned a bachelor’s degree. We’re here to help raise the latter statistic.

Choosing Your College

Your choice of college or university will have a dramatic effect on your future in all facets of life. Careful consideration and proper research are essential when making a life-altering decision. We hope that you have found these rankings informative and the scholarship/grant leads useful. The final decision regarding what school to attend is yours; these resources could be included as part of your decision making process and can help make an overwhelming choice a little bit easier.