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Degrees Offered at Oklahoma State University

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Oklahoma State University offers 87 different majors with over 200 options within each major at the Bachelor degree level. Common interests can include education, aerospace/aviation, health/medicine, math/technology, agriculture/animal science, architecture/engineering, Pre-law, Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, and many more. Particular majors can include a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, landscape architecture, management (and many sub-categories within management), mathematics, marketing, music, apparel design, nursing, nutritional sciences, biochemistry, biology, philosophy, physics, psychology, and chemistry, among others.

Oklahoma State University also offers 84 different Master’s programs and 48 doctoral programs. The colleges available at OSU include Arts and Sciences, Agricultural Sciences/Natural Resources, Education/Health/Aviation, Human Sciences, and many others. Students can find a variety of Master’s degrees, including accounting, applied statistics, aviation/space, biomedical sciences, business administration, chemistry, computer science, design (various forms), educational technology (various forms), food science, geography, health care admin, hospitality/tourism, mathematics, music, physics, and so many more.

Students can also choose to earn their doctoral degree in a variety of sectors, including a Doctor of Education, an Education Specialist Degree, and a Doctor of Philosophy. Options for Ed.D. include school administration and applied educational studies (various forms). Options for Ed.S. include education with either an option in school psychology or educational administration. Options for a Ph.D. are plentiful and can include biochemistry, business administration (various forms), chemistry, computer science, education (various forms), history, geology, mathematics, physics, sociology, psychology (various forms), and many more.

With so many choices available, students may be overwhelmed, but OSU also offers many online programs and certificates, as well. Students can find 11 Bachelor degrees, including a B.S. in Nursing, Bachelor in University Studies, a B.A. in Pre-Law, B.S. in Pre-Law, BUS in Interdisciplinary Studies, and multiple B.S. in Business Administration options. Students can also find Master’s degrees that are earned exclusively online. These can include an M.S. in Agricultural Education, M.S. in Applied Statistics, MBA, M.S. in Educational Psychology, M.S. in Engineering and Technology, M.S. in Family Financial Planning, M.S. in Entrepreneurship, and an M.S. in Health Care Administration, among many others. Online-only graduate certificate programs are also available and can include Business Data Mining, Engineering/Technology Development, Entrepreneurship, Business Sustainability, Grassland Management, Family Financial Planning, Information Assurance, Infant Mental Health, Marketing Analytics, Online Teaching, and Non-Profit Management, among others.

About Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University was founded in 1890 and was named the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. It’s considered a land-grant institution and now has over 35,000 students and five campuses. The college boasts of graduating over 240,000 students who now serve the nation, world, and Oklahoma itself.

The college has a student-to-faculty ratio of about 20:1, which ensures that classrooms are small enough that everyone gets personal attention while being large enough to house many opinions and cultural backgrounds.

OSU lives by the Cowboy Code, which focuses on character. Points to consider include finishing what is started standing for matters, dream without limits, and working hard each day.

The college is also one of the healthiest campuses in America; it focuses on providing options for wellness that include full lifestyle changes.

Oklahoma State University Accreditation Details

OSU is accredited by the HLC (Higher Learning Commission). It is an institutional accreditation that is required by all institutions that want to receive federal aid for its students or federal funding for repairs and maintenance. The accreditation is current through the 2025-2026 school year.

Currently, OSU is on the high accreditation track, which is called Open Pathway. The two components that make it up, Quality Initiative and Assurance Report, focus on student success and retention.

Because Oklahoma State University is a public institution that offers a variety of courses programs, some programs have specialty accreditation, either through national or regional means. Being accredited with these accrediting agencies means that the school has met or exceeded the criteria required to be accredited.

Students who wish to learn more about particular program accreditation details can find this information on the school’s website.

Oklahoma State University Application Requirements

Prospective students who want to apply to Oklahoma State University should know what they’re applying for, such as undergraduate or graduate status. Undergraduates must pay a $40 application fee, which is nonrefundable. Along with such, students need to know and submit their ACT/SAT scores, request that an official transcript be sent from the high school to the college, which includes GPA and class rankings if possible. The student must also complete the scholarship and admission application.

Any student who gets 1160 on the SAT, gets a 24 or higher on the ACT, has a 3.0 GPA with a 15-unit core, or has a 3.0 unweighted GPA is automatically guaranteed acceptance.

Students who would like to apply for admission as a graduate must hold a Baccalaureate degree or a first-professional degree from an eligible university or college. Students need to have appropriate test score information, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and more.

Tuition and Financial Aid

While higher education is essential to put students on the right career path, paying for that education can be a challenge. It’s essential to know how much tuition and fees are likely to cost so that students can prepare.

To cut costs and help shorten the time it takes students to earn their degrees, a block-rate is provided at OSU. It is perfect for students that are taking 12-18 credit hours. If a student takes 12 or more hours, they automatically get charged the block rate, which includes any fees and tuition.

For in-state students, the yearly cost is estimated to be $22,010, which includes the tuition price of $11,610. Out-of-state students can expect to pay $37,530 a year with $27,130 being for fees and tuition. International students can expect to pay $42,950 per year with $27,130 being for fees and tuition.

Graduate students can expect to pay $17,200 (resident), $27,530 (out-of-state), or $34,588 (international) each year while those studying veterinary medicine can expect to pay $35,520 (resident) or $62,760 (out-of-state), which is for the first year in the four-year program.

Oklahoma State University offers a variety of scholarships, grants, work-study options, loans, and federal student aid options to help offset the price of education.