The 50 best colleges for students with autism – Students on the autistic spectrum thrive in these US colleges

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US colleges and autism both exist on broad spectrums. There are many different ways in which people with autism are affected by the condition. And there are so many different types of colleges in America that it can be hard to tell which one is right for you. This means that a potential student with autism may struggle to identify their ideal higher educational destination. However, there are some colleges in the USA that stand out for their commitment towards making their education accessible to any student who has autism. And this list is going to highlight those colleges.

Autism was only identified in the early 20th century. And even after its identification, it took many years for society to understand what autism is. In many ways, the world is still learning the best ways to accommodate people who have autism. But as institutions that naturally work to pave the way for the future, American colleges have some of the best autism accommodations in the world today. No one college has the perfect program or facilities to help all students with autism. But many are trying innovative and effective new approaches. Colleges that are applying these techniques with success have been specifically highlighted in this list.

Unfortunately, the colleges that do have autism programs tend to have wildly varying costs for these. Some institutions charge over $9,000 per semester. But others offer them for free. It is not readily apparent which colleges are offering the most cost-effective autism support. Therefore, this article goes out of its way to highlight the costs for any featured college autism support program. And if the college does not state these costs, then that fact is mentioned instead.

Any one of the 50 colleges below is an excellent choice for a student who has autism. However, it’s also true that every single person has their own personal circumstances that affect their ideal college choice. That means that potentially none of the colleges below is right for you. If that’s the case, then this list can still be useful. Every entry has its own detailed summary of what the college is doing to accommodate students with autism. These summaries have been included so that you can see why these colleges are great for students with autism. You can use these to contrast and compare with your own college options. If any of your college options are accommodating students like these colleges below, then that’s a sure sign that it’s the right college for you.


Many of our sources have stated what colleges can do to be more appealing to people with autism. And many of our sources have listed what they consider to be the best colleges for students with autism. In that case, this article combines the results of the college lists and applies further research into what the colleges are doing to address the concerns listed in the sources. This combination of our sources and further research ensures that the colleges do indeed have the autism-friendly approaches that the sources claim.

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The final list has ranked the colleges based on the following criteria in order of importance: combined mentions on the methodology lists, affordability of the autism program for students (not including general tuition fees,) evidence of innovative practices, evidence of success and commitment to future improvement.

The list, from 50 to one, is here:

50. Syracuse University

Syracuse, New York


The InclusiveU program at Syracuse University works closely with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities to give them a unique, fulfilling college experience. Students enrolled on the program take between one to three classes per semester. Once students have successfully completed five courses within one study area, they get a certificate allowing them to pursue skilled work. Syracuse University has a fantastic reputation for its disability inclusiveness. In fact, it “is known all over the world as a leader in disability and higher education.” However, the cost for InclusiveU is high for some students. Tuition and fees for students from out of New York State are $20,000 per year as well as up to $20,000 in support costs. Medicaid Waiver Self-Direction Funds and other funding opportunities may be able to pay for these costs, however. Savingforcollege and Think College both recommend Syracuse University.

49. Loras College

Dubuque, Iowa


The pre-orientation program on offer at Loras College is one of the best of its kind in America, according to College Autism Network. College Autism Spectrum also recommends the college. The pre-orientation program that College Autism Network highlights takes place over five days in summer before the start of a student’s first year. It also allows the students to move into accommodations two days before other students. After this orientation, students are able to receive close support from certified autism specialists throughout study. Loras College has an additional charge for its autism services, but the college does not publicly reveal these costs.

48. Ancilla College

Donaldson, Indiana


The Autism Program at Ancilla College (APAC) is a relatively new offering from the college, being created in 2017. However, it has been successful already due to the fact that it utilizes highly trained faculty and staff members in its execution. APAC aims to provide challenging and engaging methods of support. APAC does have an additional fee on top of tuition, but Ancilla College does not state what that currently is. However, it does note that many students can offset some of the costs of APAC through a scholarship of up to $2,000 per year. College Autism Spectrum and College Autism Network recommend Ancilla College.

47. California State University, East Bay

Hayward, California


In 2020, California State University, East Bay’s autism support program, The College Link Program, will enter its 10th year. And over the course of almost a decade, this program has been a huge success. It boasts a six year graduation rate of 75% of enrolled students, which is significantly higher than the college’s overall six year graduation rate of 48%. The College Link Program comes in four different levels, with different pricing. The lowest cost level is $3,000 per semester, and the highest cost level is $8,700 per semester. College Autism Spectrum and College Autism Network both recommend California State University, East Bay.

46. Nicholls State University

Thibodaux, Louisiana


There are two different routes that a student with autism can take at Nicholls State University. The first is the Two-Year Program for Students with Intellectual Disabilities, which is a two year certificate that helps students gain vital employability skills. The other route is for a student to enroll in a traditional four year degree program and receive additional support during study. Students enrolled in this program get given social skills seminars, systematic monitoring of performance, academic coaches and more. Nicholls State University does not list the costs for these programs, but Think College says that the four year traditional degree support services cost $2,055 per semester in addition to the base course tuition fees. Think College and College Autism Spectrum both recommend the college.

45. Southern Illinois University

Carbondale, Illinois


Over 80% of Southern Illinois University students who enroll into the college’s learning disabilities program, Achieve, remain in good academic standing at the college. This high level of success is due to the fact that the program has been running for over 30 years. In that time, the program’s advisors, case managers, test proctors, academic coaches and content specific tutors have helped many students with autism achieve their educational and career goals. There are three levels of support in this program, with different costs. The lowest cost option is $2,000 per semester, and the highest cost option is $3,200 per semester. However, after one semester on the program, students can apply for an award to pay for these fees. Thinkcollege and Collegexpress recommend Southern Illinois University.

44. University of Arizona

Tucson, Arizona


The Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center at University of Arizona supports over 550 students with neurological disorders and learning disabilities. International universities, such as Japan’s Kansai University, have previously sent professors to this center, and they have all praised the college’s disability support, saying that it is leading the way in this growing field. The fees for using the SALT Center’s service come in two tiers. The more expensive tier costs $3,100 per semester, which includes the cost of an individual tutor. The less expensive tier costs $1,500 per semester, but tutoring is billed at $25 per hour. Part time students are not charged for these services. There is a needs based scholarship for students who cannot afford these services. Another option that the college offers is Project FOCUS (Focusing Opportunities with Community and University Supports.) This is its own certificate for students with intellectual disabilities (SALT is a support program for students taking traditional degrees.) Project FOCUS takes two years to complete and is only for students aged 18 to 22. The program enrolls students in at least six credits per semester and also gives extra support to succeed with campus life, employment and independent living. University of Arizona does not reveal the tuition costs for Project FOCUS, but Think College states that it is $4,800 per year. Savingforcollege and Think College both name University of Arizona as being a great college for students with autism.

43. Utah State University

Logan, Utah


Students with autism who are enrolled in undergraduate/graduate degrees at Utah State University are able to work with an individual accessibility consultant who ensures that the student can overcome all barriers to success. The consultants are also able to provide counseling, advocacy and guidance referrals to students. The college does not say whether or not there is a separate fee for this consultant. However, the college’s transition program, which offers two year certificates in Integrated College and Community Studies for students with intellectual disabilities is incredibly impressive. It boasts a 90% graduate employment rate. The cost for this program is $2,500 per semester.

42. University of Missouri, St. Louis

St Louis, Missouri


In 2013, University of Missouri, St. Louis was able to begin a program for students with intellectual disabilities thanks to $200,000 in money from disability charities. In 2017, three-fourths of the students in that program had autism. This program, named the Succeed Program, is not offered in addition to a traditional degree. Instead, it is a two year program where students earn a certificate and learn invaluable employment skills. The cost of this program is $10,500. However, some students may need to pay two additional $5,250 fees for this education. Luckily, many students can access a range of scholarships to help pay these fees. College Autism Spectrum and Think College both recommend University of Missouri, St, Louis.

41. Trinity International University

Deerfield, Illinois


One thing that sets Trinity International University’s autism support program, Access, apart is that it has a strong spiritual basis. As a Christian college, a key part of the autism program is to give students with autism the opportunity to become part of a group that focuses on spiritual formation and development. It also includes one on one mentoring with educational advisors and peers, as well as social support groups and events. Access costs $2,000 per semester. Savingforcollege and College Autism Network both recommend Trinity International University.

40. Hofstra University

Hempstead, New York


Hofstra University’s program for students with learning disabilities has been running for forty years. In this time, it has been able to develop an effective system that helps students with autism succeed. The Program for Academic Learning Skills (PALS) pairs students with a learning disability with a learning specialist from their first year until graduation, allowing them to form a close educational relationship with a specific advisor. There is a one time fee of $14,600 for this program, which works out to $1,825 per semester, assuming that a student studies for four years and takes two semesters a year. One advantage of this one time charge is that there are no extra support fees if a student takes longer than four years to complete their degree. Savingforcollege and Collegexpress both recommend Hofstra University.

39. Beacon College

Leesburg, Florida


While many colleges have special programs in place to support students with learning disabilities like autism, Beacon College is exclusively for them. Thanks to the college’s specialization in supporting students who learn differently, it is perhaps the best possible college option for many students who have autism. In fact, the college’s teaching models are so effective that its four year graduation rate is an astonishing 83%. Tuition at this college costs $52,526 per year. However, as the college is specifically designed to support students with conditions such as autism, there are no additional charges for support. Savingforcollege and Collegexpress both recommend Beacon College.

38. University of Denver

Denver, Colorado


Students with autism who attend University of Denver benefit from the college’s Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP.) LEP has existed at the college since 1982. The program is for students with learning disabilities, including autism but also extending to ADHD, or even just students who learn differently. This program follows four cornerstones to develop a student’s educational path. These are self awareness, self advocacy, accountability and self determination. Services in this program include weekly academic counseling, tutoring, peer mentoring and more. The cost for this program is $1,350 per semester. Savingforcollege and Collegexpress both recommend University of Denver.

37. Arcadia University

Glenside, Pennsylvania


The two year Raising Expectations for Academic Learning (REAL) Certificate that Arcadia University offers students with autism the opportunity to gain two years of college experience. It allows those who enroll to audit one undergraduate course per semester while learning additional vocational and employable skills. Since starting, the REAL Certificate became so helpful for students with autism that Autism Speaks decided to give the program a scholarship that offered one returning and two new students $5,000 scholarships to help pay for their education. The cost of the certificate is $7,500 per semester. Collegexpress and Think College recommend Arcadia University.

36. University of Delaware

Newark, Delaware


In 2018, University of Delaware became one of the growing number of colleges that offer an autism support program. Initially, the Spectrum Scholars program has been offered to support students who major in Computer & Information Sciences or Electrical & Computer Engineering. Spectrum Scholars coaches students with autism on ways of developing study techniques, connections on campus and self determination skills. Thanks to funding from JPMorgan Chase & Co, no student who enrolls into the Spectrum Scholars program has to pay extra money for its services. College Autism Spectrum and College Autism Network both recommend University of Delaware for students with autism.

35. University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida


The primary focus of SOCIAL Gators, University of Florida’s primary autism support program, is improving the social skills of students with autism. This program is a collaboration between three major departments of the college, the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, the Counseling and Wellness Center and the Disability Resource Center. While SOCIAL Gators’s primary focus is on social interaction, many aspects of the program proactively link this social education to career and academic achievement, with mentors and meetings focusing on how students can use these skills to enhance their future careers. Impressively, this program does not come with an additional cost for students College Autism Spectrum and College Autism Network both recommend University of Florida for students with autism.

34. Golden West College

Huntington Beach, California


Golden West College’s Comprehensive Autism Program (CAP) provides multifaceted support to its students and employees. Students in CAP have access to invaluable personalized services that enhance their scholastic and personal success. Peer support is a major focus of the program. The LOOP, a student organization within CAP, provides support through weekly meetings with advisors to discuss topics related to being an autistic college student.

Through The LOOP, students develop meaningful relationships with peers and support staff who enhance their sense of belonging at GWC and in the community. They receive individual academic, social, emotional, and career and transfer counseling, and create impactful personal connections with support staff and faculty. Students have the option to work with the same counselor from intake to graduation, receive academic coaching and case management oversight, attend workshops, and experience an array of peer mentoring and campus activities. 

Through CAP and related activities, GWC demonstrates campus-wide support for autistic students. The College guarantees that enrolled students do not incur costs beyond tuition for participating in CAP. Additionally, each April, GWC hosts an annual celebration of neurodiversity during Autism Spectrum Week. This exciting series of events includes activities and learning opportunities for all students, faculty, staff, and administrators at GWC. 

For more information on CAP, please contact Denise Gonzalez Bon @

33. Appalachian State University

Boone, North Carolina


Appalachian State University is one of several colleges on this list that, instead of offering an autism support program for students enrolled into typical degrees, runs a two year program for people with diverse abilities. Students with autism can benefit from enrolling into the Scholars with Diverse Abilities Program (SDAP,) as it takes two years to complete and provides a range of employment opportunities afterwards. A major advantage of this program is that it is highly flexible to an individual student’s educational interests, because it allows students to choose their own academic, career, personal and social goals. It does this by letting students set their own schedules and enroll in courses that interest them. The cost for this program is $1,000 per semester. Savingforcollege and Think College both recommend Appalachian State University.

32. Taft College

Taft, California


Students with autism at Taft College are able to apply to the Transition to Independent Living Program (TIL.) The program is for any student who has developmental/intellectual disabilities. It is significantly older than many similar programs in American colleges, with the program beginning in 1995. However, some aspects of TIL’s approach can be traced to classes that have been running at the college since 1976. But what really makes the TIL program exceptional is the fact that it is there for students long after they graduate. In fact, it “tracks graduates for a 10 year period.” Unlike some college programs, TIL is not offered in addition to a degree. Instead, it is a program that focuses on developing a student’s employable skills without the student undertaking a specific major or minor. The TIL Program does not have a fee but does charge students who live on campus or in college rental fees. College Autism Spectrum and Think College recommend Taft College.

31. University of Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa


Autism Speaks, Savingforcollege and Think College all cite University of Iowa’s Realizing Education and Career Hopes (REACH) program as being a great example of a program that supports students through college. REACH is only open to students who are aged between 18 to 25 years old and “offers an integrated college experience in a caring and structured environment.” The students who enroll can earn two, three or four year certificates. Perhaps the best part of University of Iowa’s REACH program is that it proactively helps students who are enrolled in it to find a career after college. It does this through running mock job interviews, finding internships and organizing field trips to potential employers. Per year, REACH costs Iowa residents $17,300 and non-Iowa residents $35,400. There is an additional fee of $1,533 for all students.

30. Pace University

New York City, New York


The autism program at Pace University, the Ongoing Academic Social Instructional Support program describes itself as being “one of the most comprehensive support services for students with high functioning autism.” It achieves this through allowing students with autism to meet with an academic coach for one hour every day, providing an educational coordinator, providing a housing coordinator, providing social coaches, providing social coordinators, providing social workers, providing internship coordinators and providing further testing/assignment accommodations. This program costs $7,000 per academic year and an additional $800 if a student uses it over the summer. Autism Speaks, Collegexpress, and College Autism Network all recommend Pace University for students with autism.

29. Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, Michigan


The peer mentoring services at Eastern Michigan University are some of the finest in America, College Autism Network states. College Autism Spectrum and Collegexpress also laud the college’s autism services. However, the autism support services on offer at Eastern Michigan University go much further than peer mentoring. In fact, it is able to offer students enrolled into the College Supports Program 24 hour support. However, this offering comes at a cost. The fees are tailored to each student’s needs, but the college estimates that many students will have to pay between $5,500 per semester to $7,000 per semester for its services.

28. Defiance College

Defiance, Ohio


In 2014, Defiance College expanded upon an autism program that had previously aided students with autism in getting a high school level of education. In this expanded program, students with autism could receive support throughout the length of a four year degree. And those students who have participated in the program have all praised the way in which it has helped them succeed in a degree setting. For instance, students have said that the staff members “are highly engaged,” and another said that “They pulled out all the stops,” to help him succeed. The cost for Defiance College’s ASD Affinity Program is $6,000 per semester. Collegexpress, College Autism Spectrum and College Autism Network all recommend Defiance College.

27. Texas Tech University

Lubbock, Texas


On the Texas Tech University campus is the Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research. This center has pioneered Connections for Academic Success and Employment (CASE), a program that lets students with autism and similar conditions get through college and into their ideal careers. Every student enrolled into the CASE program is paired with a learning specialist who “empowers students to problem solve their concerns more effectively and efficiently.” Texas Tech University does not state the cost of its autism program, but College Autism Spectrum states that it is $6,000 per fall and spring semester and $1,500 per summer session. Savingforcollege, College Autism Spectrum and College Autism Network all recommend Texas Tech University.

26. University of Connecticut

Storrs, Connecticut


Both Autism Speaks and Collegexpress rank University of Connecticut highly in terms of autism support. However, both of these sources list programs which have since been merged into other disability programs at the college. Savingforcollege lists the college’s current program, Beyond Access, in its list, noting that strategy instructors spend up to three hours a week with students with learning disabilities. Students who want to participate in the Beyond Access program can choose between four different levels of engagement, each with a different cost. The lowest cost program provides support for one hour a week and costs $1,800 per semester. The highest cost program provides support for three hours a week and costs $3,600 per semester.

25. Saint Joseph’s University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Students with autism who attend Saint Joseph’s University have an 85% graduation rate. This strong level of college completion is primarily thanks to the college’s Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support, which aids both students and the general population. This autism center has existed since 2009. But the college’s autism activities have been happening since long before the opening of this center, with the college’s first autism awareness day taking place in April 2004. The autism support program, ASPIRE, costs $6,000 per year. For the first time ever, the Kinney Center for Autism is expanding its college support program to virtually serve individuals with autism at campuses throughout the country. Over the past decade ASPIRE students have defied national college completion rates, boasting an 84% success rate. Collegexpress, College Autism Spectrum and Savingforcollege all recommend Saint Joseph’s University.

24. Wright State University

Dayton, Ohio


A current student who has participated in the Wright State University’s autism support services says this: “The challenges I ran into might have overwhelmed me if my transition coach hadn’t been there to help. […] The support group helped me simply by reminding me that I’m not an alien, and that there are others with similar problems.” The primary means of autism support at the college involves employing students as transition coaches to help students acclimatize to college life. This service costs $750 per semester in the student’s first year and $300 per semester for further years. The college’s other autism support resource is the support group, which does not have a cost. Staff members of the college’s Office of Disability Services are also trained to help students on the autistic spectrum through these programs. Collegexpress, College Autism Spectrum and College Autism Network all recommend Wright State University.

23. University of Montana

Missoula, Montana


The autism program at University of Montana, named Mentoring, Organization, and Social Support for Autism/All Inclusion on Campus (MOSSAIC,) stands out because it includes speech language therapy into its support. And many of the peer mentors that help those in the program are students of the college’s School of Speech, Language, Hearing and Occupational Sciences. The costs of some of University of Montana’s autism services are not listed, but peer mentoring, social evenings, ed ready support and academic support only costs $20 per semester. Think College reports that other support services cost $130 per session. College Autism Spectrum, College Autism Network and Think College recommend this college.

22. Austin Peay State University

Clarksville, Tennessee


The seminars that are designed for students with autism at Austin Peay State University are specifically highlighted by College Autism Network as being effective. Collegexpress and College Autism Spectrum also recommend this college. Austin Peay State University’s autism program, Full Spectrum Learning, was first piloted in 2014 and officially launched in 2015. In addition to the typical peer mentoring and coaching services, this program also works with students and faculty who are not on the autistic spectrum with the aim of boosting their empathy and understanding to people who have autism. The cost for this program is $2,500, but thanks to scholarships and other funding opportunities, 100% of students involved in the program have been able to avoid paying for this themselves.

21. Michigan State University

East Lansing, Michigan


Since 2010, Building Opportunities for Networking and Discovery (BOND) has been Michigan State University’s autism program. Its primary focus is social and communication development. Included in this program are seminars, individual meetings, peer mentoring, social outings, social events and employment outreach assistance. Many of these services are on offer every single week. Thanks to the Baldwin Foundation, BOND’s services are free for students with autism to utilize. College Autism Spectrum, Collegexpress and College Autism Network all recommend Michigan State University.

20. University of North Florida

Jacksonville, Florida


The Transition to Healthiness, Resourcefulness, Independence, Vocation, and Education (THRIVE) program at University of North Florida has been running since 2012. It began as a collaboration between the college’s Disability Resource Center and its College of Education and Human Services. Through focusing on three primary areas, social skills, independence skills and career development skills, THRIVE is able to ensure that students with autism are able to get the support that they need. No one student’s experience of THRIVE is the same, as the program tailors its levels of support to each individual. There is no extra cost for a student to participate in THRIVE. College Autism Spectrum, College Autism Network and Think College all recommend University of North Florida.

19. University of Idaho

Moscow, Idaho


University of Idaho’s Raven Scholars Program for students with autism has been an incredibly successful college resource since it began in 2011. Just one year after its foundation, the Raven Scholars Program won The May Dunn Ward Innovative Program Award. The program allows students to have meetings either every day or every week as well as opportunities for peer-mentoring, individual coaching, life/social skills coaching, social events, on campus coordination, advocacy and more. But perhaps the best thing about this program is that it is offered at no additional cost to students who enroll. College Autism Spectrum, College Autism Network and Savingforcollege all recommend University of Idaho.

18. Mercyhurst University

Erie, Pennsylvania


College Autism Network highlights two ways in which Mercyhurst University is excelling in assisting students with autism. One is through providing assistive technology, and the other is through organizing meal gathering groups for students with autism. Autism Speaks, College Autism Spectrum, Collegexpress, Savingforcollege and Think College all also recommend the college’s autism support. Most of these sources cite Mercyhurst University’s Autism Initiative at Mercyhurst, or AIM. AIM has been running at the college since 2008. Over the course of its existence, AIM has gone from serving four students to 70 students per year. There is an annual fee for AIM, but Mercyhurst College does not reveal what it is.

17. Nova Southeastern University

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


According to College Autism Network, Nova Southeastern University’s trained residential staff and psychoeducational groups are shining examples of the kinds of services that most colleges could offer to students with autism. Four other methodology sources agree that the college is highly autism friendly. Nova Southeastern University’s dedicated program for students with autism is called Access Plus. Some of the services that this program offers are two hour dedicated study hall times with peer mentors, residential advisors, a 24 hour phone line, help with dorm room cleaning, weekend planning assistance and more. The major downside to this program is that it is highly expensive at $9,000 per semester.

16. Western Kentucky University

Bowling Green, Kentucky


The Kelly Autism Program’s Circle of Support at Western Kentucky University ensures that students with autism are given every chance to succeed by offering assistance in six specific areas. These different support initiatives comprise of offering private residence hall rooms, organizing study tables, offering mentoring, running socials, providing mental health counseling and arranging weekly advisor meetings. The cost of this program is $5,000 per semester. Autism Speaks, College Autism Spectrum, Collegexpress, College Autism Network and Saving for College all recommend Western Kentucky University for students with autism.

15. University of Arkansas

Fayetteville, Arkansas


Students who are enrolled into University of Arkansas’s Autism Support Programs get 15 to 20 hours per week of direct contact with academic coaches, program staff, mentors and the program’s director. This highly supportive system of operation has led to many successful graduates. In fact, the college is filled with testimonials from alumni, current students and the family members of those who have participated in the Autism Support Program. The cost for this program is $5,000 per semester. Autism Speaks, College Autism Spectrum, Collegexpress, College Autism Network and Think College all recommend University of Arkansas.

14. Eastern University

St. Davids, Pennsylvania


College Autism Network highlights Eastern University’s classroom etiquette training as being a great example of the kinds of support that colleges can offer to students with autism. Autism Speaks, College Autism Spectrum, Collegexpress and Savingforcollege all also highlight the college’s autism support programs. Eastern University’s College Success Program for Students Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder offers students pre-fall semester orientations; individualized coaching; weekly skills groups; weekly support groups; liaison support with faculty, staff and departments; community outings; study sessions five times a week; graduate mentors and peer mentors. However, the cost for the program is $4,000 per semester.

13. Fairleigh Dickinson University

Teaneck, New Jersey


Four different methodology sources highlight Fairleigh Dickinson University as being one of the best colleges for students with autism. Of these sources, none is more impressed than College Autism Network, which specifically highlights the college’s counseling as being exemplary for students with autism. The most encompassing area of support for students with autism at Fairleigh Dickinson University is the College’s COMPASS program. This program is available on both the college’s Metropolitan Campus and Florham Campus. Students accepted onto this program receive two hours of hands on support, one hour of counseling and one group therapy session per week. The downsides to this program are that it only admits six students per campus per year and costs $7,072 per year.

12. George Mason University

Fairfax, Virginia


Since it launched in 2014, George Mason University’s autism program, the Mason Autism Support Initiative (MASI) has grown consistently. In its first year, it served eight students. In 2019, it served 39 students. The services on offer in this program are peer mentors, learning strategists, credit based individualized college transition classes and social events. Justin Boachie, a computer game design student who participates in the program says “It’s a program that cuts down on our mistakes and blossoms new traits out of our character.” The cost for this program is $6,600 per year. Savingforcollege, College Autism Spectrum, Collegexpress, College Autism Network and Think College all recommend George Mason University.

11. Marshall University

Huntington, West Virginia


Every single methodology list except for Think College recommends Marshall University’s West Virginia Autism Training Center. US News recounts the successful experience of a particular student, who was a senior at the time of being interviewed. Savingforcollege praises the intensive level of support that counselors give to students with autism. Autism Speaks interviews the founder of the college’s West Virginia Autism Training Center, who reveals that she created the center because when it was time for her son to consider higher education, there were no resources available. In fact, Marshall University’s autism training center was the first of its kind in the entirety of the United States. Initially, the center focused on training teachers in how to teach people with autism. It has since expanded into proactively assisting the college’s own students with autism. The center’s program for students with autism initially assesses a student’s social, communication, academic, leisure and personal living skills. It then develops personalized goals and strategies based on these results. The cost of the program is $4,500 per semester and $1,500 for its summer program. There is an additional $500 fee for participation in discovery group sessions.

10. Adelphi University

Garden City, New York


Five methodology sources recommend Adelphi University’s Bridges to Adelphi Program for students with neuro-social and non-verbal disorders. Savingforcollege notes that this program is effective in making the transition to college life much easier by assigning four coaches to each student, with one each focusing on academics, learning strategies, peer issues and vocational issues. The program costs $4,435 per semester. Adelphi University is also always looking for new ways to cater for its students who have autism. For instance, in 2018, it broke new ground by opening a sensory room, with a sensory wall, soft floors, a pouch swing, beanbag chairs and low lighting. This was the first room of its kind specifically opened for students with autism at a college campus.

9. University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Tennessee


Mosaic, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga’s 11 year old autism support program has a different primary component for every year of study. First year students learn about independence as well as social and study strategies. Second year students work on developing their identities, strengths and self-perceptions. Third year students focus on turning their skills and strengths into careers. And fourth year students learn to develop workplace skills. This program costs $3,500 per semester. Autism Speaks, College Autism Spectrum, Collegexpress, College Autism Network and Savingforcollege all recommend University of Tennessee, Chattanooga for students with autism.

8. Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Piscataway, New Jersey


Savingforcollege, Collegexpress, College Autism Spectrum and Autism Speaks all name Rutgers University, New Brunswick as being a great college for students with autism. The college’s support program for students with autism does a number of innovative things as part of its support, such as offering workshops for the parents of the students. The yearly cost for Rutgers University, New Brunswick’s autism support program is $7,000. One extra thing that will make this college an appealing destination for students with autism is the fact that in 2018, it opened the New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence, which will research and discover new ways to accommodate people with autism.

7. University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, Alabama


The Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic at University of Alabama serves both the Alabama community and currently enrolled students at the college. The clinic’s College Transition and Support program functions by staffing undergraduate and graduate students in a range of majors to help students with autism. It also works with many other college programs to ensure that its intervention and support services work for all students with autism. College Autism Spectrum, Collegexpress, College Autism Network and Savingforcollege all recommend University of Alabama. The college does not currently list its cost for its autism program, but College Autism Spectrum states that it is $3,000 per semester.

6. Eastern Illinois University

Charleston, Illinois


College Autism Network specifically highlights Eastern Illinois University’s autism support as exceptional in many areas, including physical fitness, outings/events and training sessions. College Autism Spectrum, Collegexpress and Savingforcollege also recommend Eastern Illinois University. The specific autism support program on offer at Eastern Illinois University is called Students with Autism Transitional Education Program (STEP.) Some of the advantages of this program include an early move-in to residence halls and personalized campus tours of everywhere that the students will need to visit during study. The cost for this program is $3,000 per semester. However, some students may be able to transition to a less expensive support program that costs $1,500 per semester.

5. Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, New York


In the last 11 years, enrollment in Rochester Institute of Technology’s Spectrum Support Program has increased by 700%. The current enrollment numbers are around 100 students per year. There are a number of ways to measure this program’s success, but perhaps the most impressive is the rise in students with autism who successfully participate in work experience during study. This figure increased from 66% to 75% from 2017 to 2019. Charges for the Spectrum Support Program range between $2,200 per year to $4,000 per year. Autism Speaks, College Autism Spectrum, Collegexpress, College Autism Network and Savingforcollege all recommend Rochester Institute of Technology for students with autism.

4. University of West Florida

Pensacola, Florida


There are two programs on offer at University of West Florida that cater specifically to students with autism. One is the ASD Early Arrival Program, which takes place before the fall and spends two days giving students the skills that they need for success in transitioning to college. After college begins, then students with autism can participate in the Argos for Autism Program, which gives one on one support from coaches. Coaches focus on providing academic support, social/community involvement, transition/life skills and career preparation assistance. The early arrival program costs $150, and Argos for Autism does not have a charge. College Autism Spectrum, Collegexpress, College Autism Network and Savingforcollege all recommend University of West Florida.

3. Kent State University

Kent, Ohio


College Autism Network specifically highlights Kent State University’s student run autism organization as a strong example for other colleges to follow. Savingforcollege, College Autism Spectrum and Think College all also feature the college. Kent State University’s college run autism initiatives are divided into two groups. One has resources for faculty and staff, which helps these members teach students more effectively. The other has resources for students, which includes a social space, peer mentoring, psychological services and more. All of Kent State University’s autism services come at no extra charge, unless the student wants to include the peer mentoring as an opportunity to earn an experiential learning credit.

2. Bellevue College

Bellevue, Washington


The autism program at Bellevue College, Autism Spectrum Navigators/Neurodiversity Navigators, has been so successful that it is shaping itself as a thought leader on autism. Every year since 2015, it has hosted the Autistic Presents Symposium, which features presentations from a range of people who live and thrive with autism. In 2019, it focused on youth voices and included participants that were college students. The majority of the college’s autism services are provided at no charge, but it does have some credit cohort classes that cost $223 to $550 per quarter which count towards a student’s degree. Collegexpress, College Autism Spectrum, College Autism Network and Savingforcollege all recommend Bellevue College.

1. Drexel University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Autism Speaks notes that Drexel University’s Autism Support Program stands out because it does not require extra fees or tuition payments or disability documentation. Instead, any student who considers themselves to be on the autistic spectrum can get five hours of peer mentoring a week as well as self-advocacy and social skills workshops. US News, College Autism Spectrum, Collegexpress, College Autism Network, Savingforcollege and Think College all also praise Drexel University’s inclusive and highly accessible approach to autism support. The college’s Drexel Autism Support Program does so many things that put it ahead of other autism programs at colleges, such as partnering with other campus departments and proactively pursuing employment opportunities for students enrolled.

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