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Degrees Offered at Ohio State University

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Ohio State University is a public research university system located in cities throughout the state of Ohio. Students at OSU can choose from a full range of degree options that are available both online and on campus. From aerospace engineering to veterinary medicine, the list of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees is highly diverse and specialized. A degree from OSU is valued by employers in many industries, including education, healthcare, computer programming, biomedical engineering, and other important fields.

At OSU, a bachelor’s degree typically takes four years of full-time enrollment to complete while a master’s degree takes one to two years to complete. The time to completion can vary for online degrees. OSU offers a wide selection of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees online. Graduate students can gain the experience, knowledge, and expertise needed to earn doctoral degrees in any academic discipline at OSU. The online college at OSU offers one doctoral degree option for online graduate students. The Doctor of Nursing Practice online program takes six to eight years of research and coursework to complete.

Most students at OSU are enrolled in residential or online bachelor’s programs. The options for bachelor’s degree majors at OSU is wide-ranging, and all of the various degree focuses are accredited to ensure consistent quality and academic standards. Each academic department at OSU has a separate building, faculty, administration, and organization. The professors at OSU are some of the world’s foremost experts in their respective fields. Many of the faculty members at OSU are nationally recognized contributors to some of the top academic journals in the world. Students enrolled in online or residential bachelor’s degrees at OSU receive support and assistance from highly experienced professors as well as the many teaching assistants assigned to most undergraduate courses. The professor-to-student ratio for undergraduate courses at OSU is about 26:1. While a few introductory courses are held in lecture halls with large class sizes, most courses are held in smaller classrooms where students receive personal attention from professors. The OSU system contains six campuses across the state of Ohio. Each campus contains many buildings and departments, and each department offers a large selection of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Counselors and administrators in each department can help new students select the right major and create an effective degree plan.

OSU is a top research university with six campuses dedicated to performing high-quality academic research. The graduate programs at the various campuses and academic departments of OSU are some of the most challenging and rewarding programs in the country. OSU is a high-ranking university with large endowments and research grants awarded to its departments every year. The graduate degree programs available at OSU include degree focuses in every academic discipline and specialization. From agriculture to sociology, graduate students can choose degree programs in any subject. Master’s and doctoral students can study law, medicine, psychology, philosophy, economics, business, healthcare and many other subjects at OSU. Graduate students perform professional-level research under the supervision of experienced professors, and the results of the research are published in major academic journals across the country. Students can enroll in online master’s programs in subjects such as medicine, education, nursing, agriculture, dentistry, engineering, public affairs, social work and business. Online programs at OSU are designed to accommodate the busy schedules of students with prior commitments to work or family life. Graduate students looking for a relatively quick degree option can pursue professional certification. Online graduate certificates are available in subjects ranging from education and healthcare to business and criminal justice.

About Ohio State University

Ohio State University was originally known as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College when it was established in 1862. It was intended to be a school for training farmers and agricultural workers until several years after its construction, when Ohio governor, and later President, Rutherford B. Hayes supervised its expansion into a full university. In 1878, Governor Hayes had the school’s name legally changed to Ohio State University. Today, OSU is one of the biggest public research universities in the country. With over 68,000 students and a faculty of over 7,300 professors, OSU is a top research facility that receives billions of dollars per year in grants and endowments.

Ohio State University Accreditation Details

Ohio State University is institutionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The HLC is a regional accrediting commission that thoroughly audits the academic quality, learning resources, student facilities and other important aspects of the university. The process of accreditation takes place every 10 years, so it is an ongoing part of the function and administration of OSU. Accreditation by the HLC is very rigorous because it includes accreditation for the hundreds of degrees available at OSU. In addition to a 10-year cycle of reaffirmation by the HLC, OSU must submit regular updates about its facilities and academic programs to ensure that it is constantly undergoing self-improvement.

Ohio State University Application Requirements

To apply to Ohio State University, students must submit an online application that includes a high school or college transcript with GPA information, SAT, ACT or GRE scores, and a written essay. The topic of the essay is available on the application page of the OSU website. Essays should be approximately 500 words and demonstrate the level of skill necessary for enrollment in a college degree program. For priority consideration, applications for fall enrollment should be submitted by February 10. Late enrollment applications for fall should be submitted no later than May 6. Applications are reviewed by administrators to ensure that each student meets the academic standards of OSU before acceptance.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of tuition at Ohio State University is about $10,700 per year for in-state residents and $30,000 per year for out-of-state residents. Up to the entire cost of tuition, books and living expenses can be covered by financial aid resources. At the time of enrollment, students can visit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) website to submit an application for grants and government-subsidized loans. The amount of financial aid awarded to a student is based on the financial needs of his or her family. Students who qualify for government-subsidized loans can wait to begin repayment until three months after they drop below full-time enrollment. At that time, interest will begin to accrue on the loans and payments will become due. Students can apply for scholarships and non-government grants at the student financial office of Ohio State University.