Can OnlineCollege Students Also Complete Internships Online?

Internships play a vital part of a college education because they give students the opportunity to put to use in the real world what they learned in college. Here is some valuable information about online internships and how they can apply to your degree and career goals.

What Are Internships?

Internships are an important part of most degree programs. Many programs have specific requirements regarding what the student must complete in order to graduate and earn the degree. While coursework generally makes up the majority of the curriculum, internships or field work are often required at the end of the program. Internships provide the student with hands-on training and the opportunity to put to use what was learned in the classroom.

What Are Online Internships?

Online internships are similar to on-campus internships in regards to the hands-on training the student receives. The main difference is that on-site internships are completed at an actual place of employment whereas online internships are completed at the student’s home. All a student needs to complete an online internship is a computer with Internet access. A big concern of online college students is if they can complete online internships.

The answer to this depends largely on the program. Medical internships typically require the student work in a real hospital or medical facility. Business programs often allow online internships because many of the employees work through a remote location. The student may be working at home through video/audio streaming or Skype or some similar format. These internships are referred to as virtual internships.

Check on Internship Opportunities

Students who are required to or would like to complete a virtual internship should check on internship requirements prior to choosing an online program. U.S. News & World Report reports that there are several things a potential student should know before they settle on one specific school. Some schools may offer assistance in finding an internship while others leave it up to the student.

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Finding Online Internships

Students who plan on doing a virtual internship should start looking for one almost right from the beginning. It might not be a bad idea to pursue possibilities before they even choose an online college. If the school can’t or doesn’t offer assistance in finding a virtual internship, there are other options available to online students. Many websites like provide a list of different virtual internships based on the career.

While some online schools may require that students completed internships in the same city where the college is located, not all of them have that requirement. Another way students can find virtual internships is to actually contact businesses right in their area. Many employers will jump at the opportunity to have basically free work done for them.

Getting a well-rounded education is one of the most important factors when earning a degree. Regardless of what degree students are pursuing, an online internship can help give them the experience needed to find that first job. They can also open doors for the student to find employment after the internship. Completing an internship online allows students the luxury of learning their trade, completing their education and doing it at their own pace.