Is Earning a Hospitality Associate’s Degree Worth It?

Many potential students wonder if a hospitality associate’s degree is worth it. There is much to learn when you spend time in school obtaining a degree. Every student wonders if their chosen career path is worth that extra time in school. The answer is almost always a yes. There are more opportunities for advancement and a choice of career paths when you have a degree.

Why Do You Need a Degree in Hospitality?

An associate’s degree in hospitality means that you have an advantage over those who don’t have a degree at all when you’re applying for a job. You’re learning everything you need to be successful at your job. You could be working for a well-known hotel or as a restaurant manager, but the knowledge you gain in school will help the business be successful. When the business is successful, you’re securing your position and allowing for the potential of a raise or promotion in your future.

Courses for Hospitality Degree

In your path to a degree, you’ll take a variety of classes depending on the industry you want to work. When you’re majoring in this type of degree, you’re strengthening your communication skills, which are vital in the industry. You’ll learn how to manage employees in a human resources course as well as how to figure out food and beverage costs. Law and marketing are huge courses for this type of degree.

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Future Paths Available

With a hospitality degree, you’ll be able to work in many places. Most of the paths available involve a management position. While you could become a front desk clerk without a degree, you’ll need one to advance to a front desk manager. A hospitality degree can lead to a hotel management position, restaurant manager, casino manager, concierge, cruise director or travel agent.

Increase in Salary

If you are currently in a position where you want to advance, a degree will give you that advantage over others who might apply for a position. This means an increase in salary. The place where you currently work might not bump your salary because of your degree, but with it, you’re not limited to staying there. You can interview with another company for more benefits and a higher hourly rate. CNN Money reports that general managers at top-tier resorts and hotels can make a few hundred thousand dollars at the high end of their career.

Boost in Profits

For those who own a hotel, whether it’s a small boutique hotel or a bed-and-breakfast, there’s knowledge to be gained in pursuing a degree. You’ll be able to boost your profits in the long run. Since you’ll be learning how to manage food and beverage costs and how to market, it’ll bring in more guests. When those guests are treated well, they’ll tell everyone and return to the establishment in the future. The place where you work will see a boost in profits when you’ve obtained a degree since you’ll be implementing new ideas.

A hospitality associate’s degree is a great way to enter the field or advance your current skills. You’ll be able to demand higher pay and be more satisfied with the responsibility and work required of you.