What Can I Do With an Operations Management Degree?

operations management degree

When you study for a degree majoring in Operations Management, you will learn how to produce consumer goods in the most efficient manner. Once you have studied the curriculum and passed all of the required exams, you will have all of the knowledge and the technical skill that you need to compete for open positions, enter the field and succeed. If you are wondering just what you can do with a Bachelor degree majoring in operations management, read on and see how you can use the concepts and methods that you learn while you are in college.


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What Will Curriculum in the Field of Operations or Production Management Teach You?

There is a long list of different business majors that you can choose from and Operations Management is one of these majors. You can either study for a Bachelor’s, a Master’s or a Doctorate degree from a higher education institution. The type of curriculum that you study will be based on the type of degree that you are working towards.

A BA or BS degree program will help you build a foundation of knowledge where you will study project management, business law, supply chain management, business ethics and more. If you were to study for an advanced degree, you can study more advanced coursework and also choose electives where you can specialize your degree for specific industries or areas of management. This is something that must be considered once you decide on a career path.

What Are Your Career Options When You Study This Business Major?

Now that you know what types of major specific coursework you will study, it is time to learn exactly what you will be able to do with your degree. Most of the students who are studying to major in something like operations or business management are pursuing their degree to work as an operations manager. An operations manager can work in any sector or in any industry and will be the professional who is primarily responsible for coordinating business activities behind the scenes. This means that they will direct and manage the production of products, the pricing of these products, sales and distribution, and improving all of the above.

In addition to becoming an operations manager, you can also choose this focused business manager major when you would like to work in industrial production management. As an industrial production manager you will coordinate all of the elements of manufacturing, from maintaining the equipment to hiring the manufacturing staff. Another popular route for those who would like to be self-employed is management consulting. As a management consultant, you will either work for a firm or for your own business and take on clients who want advise on how to maximize their efficiency while they reduce costs.

The demand for operation management professionals who are trained to manage and also to maximize efficiency in business settings is high. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for operations managers is projected to grow by at least 12 percent on average by the year 2022. If you want to compete for some of the new positions that are being created, now is the time to study for your degree. Compare the accredited Operations Management degree programs, and enroll either full-time and part-time for next semester.