How Do I Prepare for an On-campus Job Interview?

on campus job interview

Landing a job on campus usually requires that you go through a job interview before you begin working. With college costs on the rise, many students find that they need help paying for their education. While you may not make enough working part-time to pay for your tuition, you’ll generally make enough to pay for your textbooks and other supplies with enough cash left over for clothes and going out with your friends. Preparing for that interview can ensure that you get that job on campus.

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Learn More About the Job

Looking at the details of the job is one of the best ways to prepare for your job. Read the posting or description carefully and get an idea of what the job entails. Find ways to show that you are the best person for the job without simply regurgitating your resume. If you apply for a job in the alumni donations office, explain that you have experience answering phone calls and in customer service jobs. If you apply for a job in housekeeping, make sure that the employer knows you go above and beyond and are detail oriented.

Dress the Part

Many students make the mistake of thinking that applying for a job on campus is different than applying for a job off-campus. They assume that they can walk in wearing old jeans and a ratty tee shirt and walk out with a job. Use your job interview on campus as practice for the real world. Instead of wearing the same clothes that you wear to class, wear an outfit you might wear when applying for a job at your favorite store or a professional company. A smart outfit can show that you mean business and that you will take the job seriously.

Check Your Social Networking Accounts

Don’t assume that just because you might work on campus, your employer won’t care what you do when you’re off the clock. College campuses want employees who show the world a good side of the campus, which means that some schools will do a quick background check on you. This check might show them images on your Facebook or Instagram account or controversial tweets you posted on Twitter. Jon Youshaei, a writer for Forbes magazine, recommends that you take the time to remove potentially bad posts and pictures from all your social networking accounts before going in for an interview.

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Prepare Follow Up Questions

Never go to a single interview without taking the time to prepare a few follow-up questions first. Think about your job duties and responsibilities, the time you can take off, and even your schedule. At the end of your interview, ask the employer a few simple questions. You might ask how many hours you must work, when the schedule will go up, and if you can take time off to prepare for a big test. You can also ask about what your employer expects of you and who you’ll work with every day.

Working on campus allows you to make extra money for the things you need without worrying about driving to work or relying on public transportation. Colleges offer a wide range of jobs that pay minimum wage or higher, but before getting one of those jobs, you’ll want to prepare for the job interview associated with that position.