How do Four Year Degree Guarantee Programs Work?

Though the conventional idea of college for many students is to get in and get out in four years, statistics show that this frame of time is far from average. Reports have shown that less than 40 percent of students complete their college or university education within four years or less.

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In order to better-facilitate a chance for more students to finish within the standard four year time frame, the four year degree program model was implemented. With the program in place, universities can potentially waive the costs of any courses needed to complete their degree if they aren’t able to get it within four years.

Institutions Offering Guarantees

Currently, four year degree guarantees are offered at a relatively modest number of universities. Though the numbers of universities offering four year guarantees isn’t a particularly high, opportunities to get involved in one have been gradually increasing over the years.

Generally, the four year degree guarantee offer has been gaining in prevalence among smaller-sized institutions. Small colleges offering a four year degree often market it as a selling point for prospective applicants. By putting the potential of a guarantee on the table, students and their parents alike are more likely to see the investment in the school as something that they can be assured of a satisfying return from.

Terms of Eligibility

The program’s guarantee, while potentially convenient, it isn’t without it conditions. In order to receive the full benefit of the program, it’s generally necessary for the student to meet a quota of meetings with their adviser and maintain a satisfactory grade point average throughout the tenure as a student.

Ideally, if all of the criteria are properly and consistently met, a student can can assured that they’ll be able to complete all of their necessary credits within four years. In the event that the student’s advisory counsel is insufficient or their necessary classes aren’t available, the college will take on whatever the cost of their remaining credits are.

Overall Benefits

Students involved in four year guarantee programs have occasionally reported that the opportunities afforded by the program held a significant amount of weight in their final decision on their university of choice.

One of the biggest factors in the odds of any student’s success is accountability, and through the four year guarantee program, students have found an sharply organized “map” for their progression from square one. Instead of going in blind, students can have a strong sense of direction from the moment that they begin their higher education careers.

Because the program itself doesn’t necessarily guarantee that all of the prospective applicant’s desired classes are available by default, it’s wise for students to attend an early Orientation session to guarantee that their availability.

More than ever before, students on the verge of entering college want to be more assured of their true chances at getting the full value of their enrollment. Ultimately, what the four year degree guarantee program offers its prospective applicants is a stronger sense of assurance and direction.