5 of the Best Hospitality Jobs

best hospitality jobs

Five Great Careers in Hospitality

  • Hotel Manager
  • Food and Beverage Director
  • Casino Manager
  • Events Manager
  • Head of Housekeeping

As the world grows more connected and people travel more frequently – even just in their own backyard – the hospitality industry grows alongside that connection. More restaurants, hotels, and attractions are in operation than ever before, from Los Angeles to Japan.

In such a broad and service-centered industry, there is a tremendous variety of different jobs for hospitality workers – especially those with degrees in related fields of study, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are five of the best jobs in the hospitality industry.

1. Hotel Manager

Hotel managers oversee the entirety of a hotel’s operations, including staff hiring, ordering, customer service practices and policies, and guest service. This position is typically highly paid, averaging close to six figures per annum – a salary typically accompanied by excellent benefits, travel compensation or coverage, and retirement options. To become a hotel manager, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field is required, in addition to seven to ten years of experience in the hotel industry.

2. Food and Beverage Director

The position of food and beverage director is comparable to that of a hotel manager – excepting that the director oversees restaurant optioning, hotel kitchen operations and menu offerings, food service staffing, and catering for meetings, events, and conventions. Like most management positions, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and, on average, eight years of experience in food and drink within the restaurant or hotel industries are required. The position averages close to eighty thousand a year, and typically comes with attractive benefits, including the ability to transfer to other hotels in the chain almost anywhere in the world.

3. Casino Manager

Casinos have experienced a boom in the last several years, and the skills of the casino manager are highly prized. Casino managers oversee guest service, financial operations, equipment ordering and maintenance, and staffing. While for some larger casinos a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in the gambling industry is required, casino managers can sometimes gain access to this position with an associate’s degree in gaming or casino management. The average salary for the position of casino manager is in excess of one hundred thousand dollars per annum, making it one of the best-paid jobs in hospitality.

4. Events Manager

Events managers work in hotels, restaurants, convention centers and banquet halls to schedule and coordinate events with customers, as well as to oversee the appropriate staffing and food and drink demands for each event. From parties of twenty to functions of over five hundred, event management is an excellent hospitality position for those with a keen mind for organization and a passion for people. The position of events manager requires a bachelor’s and, on average, five years of experience, and averages eighty thousand per year with benefits.

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5. Head of Housekeeping

The position of head of housekeeping typically requires just a high school diploma and five to seven years of experience in housekeeping. Among the many positions in hospitality, it is one of the few that one can advance in via experience alone and does not necessarily require a college degree. Heads of housekeeping typically earn close to eighty thousand per year, and usually also get excellent benefits.

No matter where your passion or skills in hospitality lie, each of these positions represent some of the best hospitality jobs worldwide – and can ensure your financial livelihood for years to come.