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The College of Idaho


The College of Idaho is an extremely small, remote higher learning institution located in Idaho’s beautiful city of Caldwell, which is part of the state’s scenic Treasure Valley area. The small college only has around 15 buildings that support academic, athletic, student and administration activities. Only around 1,000 students attend The College of Idaho, so the campus offers an intimate experience. However, 10 percent of students are from other countries. The student-to-faculty ratio is 11:1, so there are high levels of student-faculty interaction. Some students play in one of the 20 varsity sports teams, such club or intramural teams, while other students enjoy the art, music, theater and student club programs. The College of Idaho offers 26 majors and almost 60 minors in the fine arts, humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences and professional fields.

The innovative PEAK Curriculum allows students to earn a major and up to three minors in the standard four years’ time. This unique academic approach allows students to explore majors, pursue their passions and develop the skills and knowledge needed for lifelong career and personal success. The College of Idaho hosts First Year Experience program that creates a strong sense of community and inclusion for new students. This program includes seminars, mentors, building retreats and living communities. Despite its small size, The College of Idaho has produced three governors, four NFL players, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and an Academy Award-winning film composer. The College of Idaho has been ranked one of the top colleges for the state of Idaho, one of the best value colleges in the Great Pacific Northwest and one of the best national liberal arts colleges in the country. Because of the unique mountainous geography, The College of Idaho offers one of the top 10 ski programs in North America.

The College of Idaho Accreditation Details

– The College of Idaho of accredited through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

The College of Idaho Application Requirements

The College of Idaho mostly attracts students from within the state and neighboring states. The application process for these students involves an individualized campus visit that includes a campus tour, class observation and lunch with current students. Prospective applicants can meet with a coach, professor and admission counselor to discuss the application process, degree programs, financial aid and scholarships. The College of Idaho hosts several of these campus-wide events throughout the year. Students may apply to the college through submitting an online Common Application. Students will need to submit transcripts, any previous college credits, a personal essay and a letter of recommendation from a former teacher or school counselor. The College of Idaho maintains an optional standardized test choice that allows students to use alternative testing or qualifying methods in their application.

The College of Idaho Tuition and Financial Aid

The College of Idaho is the oldest higher learning institution in the state, so they understand what students need to succeed. The cost of attending college is always troublesome, so financial advisors are always available to discuss aid and scholarship options. Students will pay $10,075 for room and board and $28,000 for tuition every year. The total cost for most students is at least $40,000 per year. Financial assistance at the college comes through government grants and loans as well as private, merit-based and talent-based scholarships. All students are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships during the admissions process.

Merit Scholarships are based on the students’ GPA and test scores when they apply for full-time admission. Talent-based scholarships are based on performance and participation in either art or athletic programs. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid must be completed to qualify for need-based and federal aid. Some of the most popular financial aid packages come through Davis UWC, Whittenberger Fellows, Yellow Ribbon and College of Idaho Presbyterian scholarships. The College of Idaho proudly participates in the state, federal and institutional work-study programs. The most popular option is the Federal Work-Study program that provides part-time jobs for eligible students with demonstrable financial need.

Student Experience

The College of Idaho offers students a wide variety of degrees to choose from. For example, the creative writing major prepares students to become professional content, magazine and publishing writers. Students learn about the origins of the English language and literature. This teaches students about everything from Anglo-Saxon poetry to Renaissance essays to Enlightenment treatises about philosophy. When students study world famous playwrights, such as Johnson, Marlowe and Shakespeare, they explore their long-lasting cultural, theatrical and literary impacts. Electives may include African American Literature, which will seek to understand how African Americans express themselves through literature and self-realization, as well as Postmodern Literature, which will introduce students to metafiction, deconstruction and intertextuality. Writing workshop and capstone seminars will help students produce literary fiction, short narratives and contemporary novels.

Similar to creative writing, a journalism degree will train students about producing features, which are longer forms of nonfiction writing. Classes will study historical selections from popular newspapers and media sources to learn about proper techniques that demonstrate the growth and importance of Journalism in our society. Students may take classes in advanced editing and reporting, so they will learn about literary journalism, online magazines, editorial tools and major nonfiction writers. Advanced journalism and professional practice classes revolve around semester-long projects.
These may involve creating website, conducting original interviews, comparing photography styles and evaluating traditional methods of journalism. All of these classes will teach students about text, audio, video, graphics, writing and photography. This degree concludes with an internship that provides students with practical tools and real-world experience in the field of journalism. Students may be placed with radio, television, magazine or newspaper companies.

The College of Idaho has an excellent great track record of providing campus activities, outstanding professors and close-knit communities. The College of Idaho is within short driving distance to amazing outdoor opportunities. This means that The College of Idaho students can quickly access some of the best skiing, rafting, hiking, fishing and biking areas in the country.