What are the Most Popular Online Bachelor’s Degrees?

Online academic programs used to be limited to traditional majors in disciplines like business administration, criminal justice, and healthcare administration, but today’s popular online bachelor’s degrees show a breadth of offerings that reflect changes in societal interests and norms.

Most distance learning academic programs were originally designed to assist working adults in achieving their professional goals. Today, students from all types of demographic categories choose among a number of majors that are offered in a variety of convenient online formats.

Here are some examples of popular undergraduate degrees that modern students are able to earn online.

Environmental Sciences

Many of the world’s nations rely on manufacturing operations for economic survival and growth. The negative side effects of heavy industrialization is often polluted ecosystems. Because the earth’s regions are interconnected, long term pollution causes harm to all living things. This awareness has caused many people to dedicate their careers to helping to prevent and fix damage to the natural environment.

The online, four year Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences gives both new students and career switching adults the tools that they need to incorporate environmental responsibility into the organizational culture of businesses and government agencies. These students can expect to complete courses like geology, hydrology, public policy and environmental law online. Other courses like biology, oceanography and chemistry that require laboratory work or field assignments are sometimes conducted partially at physical locations.

Computer Science

Students use computer science degrees to jump start their careers as software developers, data scientists, computer systems engineers and system architects, and the discipline is one that greatly lends itself to online learning. Most online computer science programs expose students to programming concepts, methods and languages that allow them to design, develop and test software products.

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Typical course topics of online computer science degrees include advanced calculus, analysis of algorithms, discrete structures and computer architecture. Although there is normally a hardware analysis component within most computer science degree programs, the degree can be completed entirely online.

Online computer science degree graduates find relatively high paying jobs in private software engineering firms, government agencies and non-profit organizations.


There is no substitute for good health, and most people are beginning to realize that wellness is directly related to the foods one eats. People who are interested in gaining vibrant health for themselves and others consider earning degrees in dietetics. Many of these students learn about their calling to heal through foods after working in other career fields, and the best way for them to train for a more life giving profession is to pursue online Bachelor of Science in Dietetics degrees. While the degree can be completed entirely online, graduates must perform a supervised internship in order to be recognized as registered dieticians. Graduates of online dietetics programs gain employment within public health settings, private wellness practices, military installations and schools.


Some universities decided to offer more of their academic programs online because it is a cost effective way to extend their services to wider audiences. Additional cost savings are realized by university students who can use electronic textbooks during their classes instead of expensive, physical textbooks. The clear benefits of digital learning within higher educational settings prompt universities to increase the curricula quality for academic offerings like the popular online bachelor’s degrees that are described above.