How do I Know Which Degree Suits Me Best?

Selecting the degree that will fit you perfectly can be a confusing, arduous task, especially when it seems as though there are countless degree programs to choose from. So the question, “what degree will suit me best?” isn’t the easiest to answer. However, there is a way to narrow down your choices until you’ve found the degree that will best fit your needs.

Look to Your Favorite T.V. Shows

If you have absolutely no idea what degree will suit you best, you can turn to television to possibly help you. For example, do you enjoy watching certain programs like Judge Judy? Then perhaps a degree in law might interest you. Do you watch a lot of Dr. Oz? Maybe you might want to study and obtain a degree in Biology, or a degree in Chemistry, so that you can understand even more of what Dr. Oz is talking about. Do you find yourself enjoying Law and Order and CSI? A degree in Criminal Justice might fit you. If you spend a good portion of your time watching certain television programs, chances are that you might enjoy pursuing a degree that shares the same theme as your favorite t.v. show.

Assess Your Math Ability

Do you love math or does the mere mention of it make you break out in hives? If you are a good hand at math and you love numbers, there are certain degrees that will appeal greatly to you. Degrees in Engineering, Physics, and Business Administration tend to be quite math heavy, and so if you enjoy crunching numbers, they might be degrees for you to consider. On the other hand, if you struggle with math or have a math aversion, the aforementioned degrees will be a pain to pursue. Degrees in the Liberal Arts, such as Philosophy, History, and English might be more your forte. According to at, considering your skill at math can help you decide on a degree that will be fruitful to you in the future.

Ask the Professionals

It’s always a good idea to get information from people that have first hand experience — so don’t hesitate to do some research on the folks who have already graduated and are knee-deep in their professions. See how lawyers actually feel about their jobs; is it really a dream shifting through piles of criminal and civil cases? Really dig deep to find out what professionals like and dislike about their field of work, so you can get a clear idea of what you’ll be doing after you obtain your degree. Consider doing a survey of people with various degrees to see if any of their experiences (both in obtaining their degree and obtain a job thereafter) is appealing to you.

Consider What You Are Going to Do With Your Degree

If you are still having trouble finding a degree that will suit you best, consider money. Are you pursuing a degree simply because you want to learn more of a given subject? Or do you want a degree that will ensure you get a high paying job after you graduate? If you chose the latter option, certain majors like Statistics, Biochemistry, and Engineering pay high salaries and are in demand by employers. However, according to Forbes, such degrees are highly competitive and difficult to obtain.

Choosing the degree that will best suit you can be both a frustrating and a rewarding process. However, with a little bit of research into your own likes and goals, you can find a degree that will fit you perfectly.