5 Popular Locations to Study Abroad

Studying abroad was once a highly recommended pursuit for American college students, and as the economic recession fades away it is once again approaching its lofty status as a must-have experience. American students who study abroad have the chance to learn languages through immersion, to learn about foreign cultures in ways that the American public education system doesn’t always facilitate, to experience world travel, and to enjoy a range of entertainments and exotic destinations not otherwise readily available.

Here are 5 of the most popular destinations for Americans looking to study abroad.

Bond University, Australia

Bond University is located in Queensland, Australia, in the luxurious section of the eastern seaboard known as the Gold Coast. The university itself enjoys an impeccable reputation, but there are more reasons than that to give Bond its due consideration: the local night life and Australian culture is unlike anywhere else in the country. Nearby beaches attract people from all over the world, and local sanctuaries allow for a hands-on experience with some of Australia’s cuddlier wildlife.

Keio University, Japan

Japan’s first private university, Keio is located in Tokyo, where it is surrounded by the finest of Japanese culture. The institution’s mandate goes well beyond pure academia, as the university accepts only the most highly accredited instructors and faculty; there is a deeply profound sense of pride in such traditional Japanese virtues as honor, morality, and intellectual pursuit. Keio is extremely active in Japan’s national-level efforts with regard to environmental conservation, and is located near some of Japan’s most famous and relaxing hot springs.

University of Granada, Spain

Granada provides a unique experience, once famously praised by American author Ernest Hemingway when he said, “If you were to visit only a city in Spain, this should be Granada.” The city offers a rich and nationally significant history, with its fair share of international events, and a healthy dose of pure Spanish culture. Meanwhile, its traditional architecture stands in stark contrast to a boisterous and energetic night life, largely driven by the local college students. Free concerts, several major public events each year, and palacial world heritage sites round out one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad among American students today.

Fudan University, China

Prominently situationed in central Shanghai, Fudan has a collective finger on the pulse of Chinese culture, and is geographically central to the country’s political, financial, and cultural epicenter. The campus is designed to provide comfortable living during one’s studies, while allowing for the exploration of the sprawling and historic city. The transition to Chinese culture is eased by placement in well-furnished apartments, in the company of other English-speaking foreign students. With one of the world’s fastest-growing centers of art, fashion and commerce right outside its doors, Fudan presents an opportunity not to be missed.

American College Dublin, Ireland

Located off of Merrion Square, one of Dublin’s most historically significant areas, American College Dublin is within walking distance of a wide range of attractions: theaters and art galleries, pubs, restaurants, and museums are all within walking distance, as is just about every attraction that the city of Dublin has to offer its visitors. American College Dublin was once ranked as being the seventh most desirable experience, internationally, among colleges offering highly accredited opportunities for studying abroad. Uniquely Irish sports and pastimes are made readily accessible to foreign students as well, adding to the already-popular appeal of Irish culture.

Studying abroad is a potentially once in a lifetime opportunity, which can provide the enthusiastic student with all the benefits of a high-quality education and a worldly travel experience. By choosing an exciting and interesting location that suits your academic goals as well, you help to ensure the most rewarding possible experience during your stay at a foreign university.

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