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Degree Programs at Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global appears in our ranking of 30 Great Colleges With An Increasing Student Population.

Purdue University Global is an online university that operates a few regional study centers. Though those centers do offer some classes and help for students, most will earn their degrees through the online system. They can choose from more than 180 different programs.

Those programs include associate’s programs that take around two years to finish. The fire science degree helps students meet the requirements to become a firefighter and includes previous learning credits for those who already work as firefighters. The Associate of Science in Nursing is an introductory program that helps students become licensed nurses. Students can also earn certificates from Purdue University Global, including those in corrections, human resources management, applied behavior analysis, and executive leadership.

Many of the degree programs now available are at the bachelor’s level. The business administration program teaches students the fundamentals of finance, accounting, economics, and management. Bachelor’s programs in accounting and finance are also available. A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice can prepare students to work in any justice field or help them get ready for law school. The university offers a corrections program at the bachelor’s level too. Some of the university’s other undergrads programs include nursing, health care administration, health and wellness, information technology and cybersecurity.

One of the top programs for graduate students is the university’s Master of Business Administration (MBA). It includes a capstone that allows students to do one final project and features concentrations in information technology, project management, human resources, marketing, finance, and health care management. The university’s graduate programs in human services and psychology help students learn more about human thought and behavior. Purdue University Global now offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program too. In addition to their online classes, DNP students will also do clinical work in their own areas, which prepares them for working in administration and leadership positions in the medical field.

About Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is the name given to the old Kaplan University system. Kaplan University opened in 1937 in Iowa and served as a prep school that prepared students for working in the top industries in the region. Called the American Institute of Commerce, this school would later grow as it added new campuses across the country. Kaplan would later add online degree programs, which is what caught the attention of Purdue University. Purdue, which operates several campuses in Indiana, wanted a new way to reach students and decided to take over the operations of the Kaplan system. It announced plans to take over its regional centers and online operations and followed through with those plans in 2018. Also called PG, it is now a distinct entity that is separate from Purdue University.

PG specializes in programs designed for working adults. It accepts those who spent years out of school and those who started and now want to finish a college degree. The university consists of seven schools that include the School of Business and Information Technology, School of Nursing and Open College. Students can earn two-year and four-year undergrad degrees and complete graduate and doctoral degrees online. PG also owns several regional campuses that offer opportunities for the more than 30,000 enrolled students.

Purdue University Global Accreditation Details

Though PG is still a newer university, it has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The HLC agreed to award the university accreditation after looking at its policies and regulations. HLC accreditation means that PG can accept federal funds and use government funds to create financial aid packages for students. Students who already went to college can transfer their credits to PG because of this accreditation, but it also allows them to transfer those credits to another online or traditional university.

Purdue University Global Application Requirements

All students applying to PG must meet some of the same application requirements. They will go online and fill out a form the university calls an information request form. This asks for a full name, contact information and what program the student wants to study. An enrollment counselor will then contact that student and complete a brief interview. This interview allows PG to learn more about the student, including his or her interests and any experiences he or she has. The student will also provide the university with a description of his or her transcript during the interview. Those who sign the enrollment agreement and apply for financial aid can then register for classes.

PG is unique because it will accept all types of students. The university grants conditional acceptance to those who complete the requirements above. They have until the end of the first semester to provide any other documents or information, which will lead to the university granting them full acceptance. That information may include a copy of an RN license for those enrolled in a nursing program or a resume from a student enrolled in a business program. Those attending a regional center may need to provide their immunization records too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition at PG varies between regional centers and its online campus. Online students pay $220 per quarter hour if they are Indiana residents and $315 per quarter hour if they are Maine residents. The price for all other online students is $370 per quarter hour. Military students pay only $165 per quarter hour while on active duty status and $230 per quarter hour after retiring. The spouses of those on active duty qualify for a 10% tuition discount. Though similar discounts are available for students enrolling in a regional center, all other students pay $371 per quarter hour as an undergrad and $485 per quarter hour as a graduate student. Some online graduate programs charge as little as $420 per quarter hour.

As PG is an accredited university, it can offer the same financial aid packages that traditional colleges do. To qualify for any of this aid, students must complete the FAFSA and list the PG school code. Graduate students can get unsubsidized student loans through the federal government and alternative loans from other lenders. They may qualify for PLUS loans also. Undergrads can get both loans and grants that cover their school costs. Purdue University Global recommends that students look at the costs of its degree programs before they apply for financial aid.