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Brooklyn College


Brooklyn College only came about because of one man with a dream. Randolph Evans worked for a man who owned a large piece of empty land and decided that it was the perfect spot for a new college. After creating a layout for that college, he went to his employer who decided to work with him to make his dream a reality. When Brooklyn College first opened in the 1930s, it had a connection to two local schools: the City College of New York and Hunter College. Though HC only admitted females and CCNY was a male only school, Brooklyn College admitted students of both sexes. Even after those two schools became coeducational, BC continued growing and eventually reached an enrollment of more than 16,000 students, making it one of the largest schools in the City University of New York School System.

CUNY was one of the first school systems in the country that established a core curriculum for all new students. This program now requires that all students take 11 courses from 15 available courses prior to graduating. Brooklyn College has a strong reputation that led to comparisons between its campus and Harvard, which is an Ivy League school. The Princeton Review also helped the college gain a reputation as a more affordable school after naming it one of the best values in higher education.

Brooklyn College Accreditation Details

In addition to looking at factors like the activities available on campus, graduation requirements and study abroad programs, students should also look at the type of accreditation a college has. Accreditation can come from a regional organization or a national organization, and specialty accreditation is available for specific programs on campus, including psychology, law and business programs. Students will also want to look at when the college came up for an accreditation review most recently and what the organization found during that review. The university, like many others, includes this information online for current and potential students.

Brooklyn College has its main accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which accredited its online and general education programs. The National Council for Teacher Accreditation gave the college accreditation for its teacher education programs. It also has accreditation from several other organizations and agencies, including:

  • Council on Education for Public Health
  • New York State Department of Education
  • American Dietetic Association
  • Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association

Brooklyn College also announced that it would seek accreditation from the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology for the speech language pathology program available through its graduate school.

Brooklyn College Application Requirements

As part of the CUNY school system, Brooklyn College makes it easy for students who graduated from a New York school to begin their studies. Those students already have the bare minimum requirements for entering one of the CUNY schools complete, and they can often apply and enroll without taking a standardized test. Students who attended high school outside of New York will want to submit a high school transcript that shows they took four credits each of English and social studies classes and three units each of mathematics, science and a foreign language. Students may also want their transcripts to show that they took at least once laboratory science course, as well. All transcripts must also show the overall grade point average of the student applying.

Students entering Brooklyn College will want to take the SAT. The college requires a minimum score of 1000 on the math and reading sections of that test for acceptance. Those who did not graduate high school will need a GED and submit proof of the score received on that test. In addition to submitting a GED or a high school transcript and standardized test scores, students will also need to fill out the online application.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition at Brooklyn College varies depending on whether students go to school full time or part time and whether they lived in New York prior to enrolling. Students who are residents of New York pay around $3,000 per semester when taking classes full time or $260 per credit hour when taking classes part time. Full time students from outside of New York pay $535 per credit hour. The amount is the same whether they enroll full time or part time. Students are also responsible for paying miscellaneous fees of around $300 a semester. These fees cover the technology, laboratory and activity fees charged by the college.

The only way that students can find out if the university will grant them any financial aid is after filling out and submitting a copy of the Free Application for Student Financial Aid. Also known as the FAFSA, students can complete the application and file it online. The university determines whether students qualify for scholarships and other assistance programs based on their responses. The government can also provide students with grants, subsidized loans and unsubsidized loans. Those who need more help and live on campus may also work for the university or take part in work-study programs.

Student Experience

Brooklyn College offers more than 30 undergraduate degree programs and a few certificate programs for undergraduate students, too. Journalism is a popular choice because the campus is home to its own radio and television stations that offer learning experiences for students. The film studies program is also popular because it allows students to select a concentration in documentary production, film production, screenwriting, industry studies or general studies. Brooklyn College also has multiple programs available for education students that allow them to focus on teaching math, science, social studies or another topic to elementary school students or junior high and high school students.

Though students take their classes seriously, they also know when to relax and have a little fun. Those students love cheering on the basketball team and other sports teams comprised of their fellow students. In addition to an active Greek system with multiple fraternities and sororities, the campus is home to more than 100 clubs. Students can join honors societies and specialty clubs to make friends with students in their majors, or they can take part in fun campus activities sponsored by the chess club, science fiction club or history club. Brooklyn College wants all its students to feel safe and comfortable on its campus.

Brooklyn College provides a quality education set on a serene campus that is just steps away from the vibrant city.