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Warner Pacific College


Warner Pacific College is a small private college in Portland, Oregon. The Church of God, a religious organization based out of Indiana, has an affiliation with the college. Founded in 1937, this college initially offered religious study programs and had just a small number of students. As it continued growing, it expanded both its curriculum as well as its student body. The college purchased nine acres from the city of Portland in 2006, which it plans to use to further expand its campus. More than 1,300 students take classes from WPC.

WPU has 27 undergrad majors available and four professional programs of study that the college designed for those want to attend law school, medical school or a similar professional school later. There are also 29 majors available that allow students to study a subject completely different from their majors or a subject that will supplement those majors. Though many call WPC a regional college, students enroll from 17 states outside of Oregon and from nine different countries. U.S. News & World Report ranked Warner Pacific College at number 26 on its list of the best regional colleges in the west.

Warner Pacific College Accreditation Details

Warner Pacific College first sought regional accreditation in 1961 and obtained this accreditation from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). NWCCU has requirements that a college must meet before gaining accreditation to ensure that students get the opportunities necessary for future success. Those features may include a high rate of students working in the fields they studied, a high rate of students who graduated within four years and the teaching backgrounds of professors working for the college. Warner Pacific College found that most students who transferred to another college had no problems transferring the credits they earned from that college. The State of Oregon also approved the prep program the college offers for students who want to work as teachers.

Warner Pacific College Application Requirements

Though Warner Pacific College has a religious affiliation with the Church of God, it accepts those from all denominations and backgrounds. You can use the online application, which asks for your name, address, phone number and major course of study at the very beginning. This application will then go into greater detail and ask for information about where you went to high school, the classes you took, the grades you received and if you ever attended college before. You’ll also need to list the church that you attended and sign a community agreement. This agreement is a contract that essentially states you will follow all the lifestyle and ethical requirements of the college.

Students must also pay a $25 application fee, but WPC has a fee waiver available. Your high school guidance counselor can apply for this waiver, and if you received a waiver from the College Board to take a college exam, you can use that waiver to show that you do not have the financial means to pay the application fee. WPC also asks for a test score received on the ACT or SAT and an official transcript from the high school you attended. Those who were home schooled must submit a separate supplement that asks what they did in the program and why they decided not to attend a traditional school. WPC may require that you submit references or interview with an admissions counselor.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Warner Pacific College charges $635 per credit hour for part-time students and those who take more than 18 credits in a semester. Full-time students pay $11,025 per semester, which lets them take a minimum of 12 credits or up to 18 credits. There is also a $270 fee that applies on any independent study courses you take, which let you study topics not available through the college. During the summer semester, the cost per credit hour drops to $345. The housing rates charged by the college vary but will cost a minimum of $1,840, which does not include the required meal plan. Students and live in shared rooms or single rooms, and there is housing available for married students too.

As WPC receives funding from the federal government, it allows students to apply for financial aid in the form of loans and grants via the FAFSA, and filing this form will also help you see if you qualify for any state assistance. Academic scholarships worth $2,000 are available to those who have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. If you have a GPA of 3.6 or higher, you qualify for an $8,000 scholarship. WPC will also match any scholarships or assistance that you get from your church, up to a maximum of $500 every semester.

Student Experience

The 27 majors offered by Western Pacific College include those in business, pre-law and psychology. Its American Studies program allows students to focus more on the culture of America and what makes the nation different from other countries. Students typically take classes in areas of liberal arts studies like history and social studies. As an American studies major, you can look forward to taking courses like urban literature, immigration in America, history of religion and film studies.

Its Christian Ministries degree program is best for those who want to work as leaders within their own churches and religious organizations. This program requires that you take 53 credits within the major and that you complete at least 27 of those credits through the college. Several of these classes deal with both the study and the teaching of both the Old and New Testaments, but you’ll also take courses on ethics and social concerns. You’ll also take two classes on field education in urban settings, do an internship that prepares you for working in the ministry and take one final capstone course.

The health care administration program offered by WPC is one of its more unique offerings. You must take a minimum of 50 credits of health care courses that include 31 or more taken through the college and up to 52 credits of courses at the upper level. This program includes classes on principles of managed care, alternative health care, management theory and practice, health care ethics and critical issues in health care. Western Pacific College also offers an internship associated with this program that lets students work in real health care facilities.